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Baba Ramdev is a yoga guru known for his work in ayurveda, business, politics and agriculture. He founded the Patanjali Group of Institutions and has shown interest in political issues. Wikipedia

Negative thoughts are the cause of mental illness.– Swami Ramdev

if you think it is justifiable to take revenge, remember that it is DIVINITY to FORGIVE. – Swami Ramdev

Work is my religion work is my praying work is the truth of world and life.-– Swami Ramdev

The Purity and control over thoughts and beliefs is the bridge to success. – Swami Ramdev

one must never sleep after having lunch a it increases fatness. – Swami Ramdev

My every bad or good action affects my whole country. – Swami Ramdev

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To Live a good, Healthy and long Life, Keep A Fast For Atleast One Day in Every Week. it Cleans the Intestines and Unwanted Liquid wastes inside the body. – Swami Ramdev

A Country can only be healthy if its pepole are healthy – Swami Ramdev

God has made to accomplish something great. don’t run! DOnt hide! Pepole Who run are cowards and weak.– Swami Ramdev

Our Living and going both must be legendary. live proudly and with self knowledge, not cowardl. – Swami Ramdev

Every Morning is a New birth and my one day is equal to one lifespan. Today i will accomplish that god has send me to do this Earth. – Swami Ramdev

Our Living and Going both must be legendary. Live proudly and with self Knowledge, not cowardly.  – Swami Ramdev

The youth should come forward, be healthy and lead the country.  – Swami Ramdev

The Purity and Control Over the Thoughts and Beliefs is the bridge to Success.  – Swami Ramdev

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अपनी आन्तरिक क्षमताओं का पूरा उपयोग करें तो हम पुरुष से महापुरुष, युगपुरुष, मानव से महामानव बन सकते हैं। -स्वामी रामदेव

इन्सान का जन्म ही, दर्द एवं पीडा के साथ होता है। अत: जीवन भर जीवन में काँटे रहेंगे। उन काँटों के बीच तुम्हें गुलाब के फूलों की तरह, अपने जीवन-पुष्प को विकसित करना है। -स्वामी रामदेव

विचारों का ही परिणाम है-हमारा सम्पूर्ण जीवन। विचार ही बीज है, जीवनरुपी इस व्रक्ष का। -स्वामी रामदेव


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यहाँ हर कोई अपने स्बार्थ के लिए जीता हैं। जिस दिन हम दूसरो के लिए भी जीने लगेंगे ,उस दिन ये धरती स्वर्ग बन जायेगा

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