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6 Signs You Need to Visit a Relationship Counsellor



Relationship Counsellor

At some point in our lives, we all people usually come across several situations where we experience anxiety, stress, mood swings, and other forms of emotional and physical distress. Most of the time, it has been seen that such situations come up when we are already in a relationship. Sometimes, it is also possible that we can bounce back, but at the same time, we need some extra assistance to come on track.

On the other hand, once we come and stick to a relationship, we usually think we will live happily ever after, but it’s a life. There are always possibilities of ups and downs in the life of each and every human being. Life doesn’t always or can’t go on the same track as we expect. Therefore, at times we can handle some issues on our own while there might also come a situation where we need or find someone to help us resolve the matter.

So, if you spot any such signs, you are advised to seek a relationship counsellor for you. To cope with this situation, we have listed a few signs that make visiting a relationship counselor necessary. Let us have a look:-

1. You have almost stopped communicating.

The first and foremost situation that demands you to visit a relationship counselor is when you both have almost stopped talking to each other. In such a relationship where there is a lack of proper communication or no communication at all, intervention is greatly needed. Adequate counseling can help you arrive at a communication style that can work for both of you.

2. You lead your lives separately.

It can be a major issue that demands you to seek a relationship counselor at the earliest when you have started leading your lives separately. It’s perfectly okay to have your social circle or individual hobbies, but when there is a lack of love, care, communication, and intimacy, then it can be a huge setback for you.

3. Undergoing sexual issues.

When you are in a relationship, you will often go through various phases of life where at times you find your sex life just rocks, and the other time; you may find it is not exciting at all. For any relationship to be successful, you should ensure that you both lead a happy and healthy sexual life.

However, a considerable change in the bedroom for an extended period of time is a serious concern that needs to be addressed at the earliest. So, seeking a relationship counselor at this moment is of utmost importance.

4. You are stuck in a traditional non- relationship.

Nowadays, people have considerable relationships that are eccentric by societal standards. Though getting into a relationship like this is easy, the challenges and struggles that couples face to make it work can actually be intimidating. So, talking to a relationship counselor is also necessary for this situation.


For this, you are advised to take counseling services in Australia that can help you with the proper support that you need to lead a fulfilling and contented life. All the counselors you get are extremely professional and can help you develop a deeper understanding of your situation with a perfect solution.

5. You think of having an affair.

There might be times when you are thinking of having an affair with someone else while already in a relationship which can hurt your present relationship. So, in this case, seeking assistance from a relationship counselor is also necessary.

6. You find your partner is getting abusive.

Last but not least, it is also a major sign of concern where you find your partner getting abusive or is also hurting you sexually, mentally, emotionally, or physically. Such a situation demands you to seek a relationship counselor at the earliest. Though there is a possibility that it won’t stop your partner from being abusive, it will give you all the strength and support that you need.

To Conclude:

So, these are some of the critical signs where seeking a relationship counselor becomes a necessity and must not be ignored at all.


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