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Abhishek Gupta Quotes That Will Inspire You to Enterpreneurship



Abhishek Gupta Quotes

Born in a small town of Bihar called Gopalganj, Abhishek Kumar Gupta always had a knack of doing something different. After completing his graduation in his native Bihar he moved to Delhi in 2008 to explore the world and opportunities outside.

An MBA in Marketing graduate, Abhishek worked for three years with media and education companies. In 2015, he decided to quit his job and focus on a community called Startup Delhi to create a change in the Startup Ecosystem.

Today the community stands strong together with 58,000 members and counting. This community has helped the members in finding the right talent, investor connections, job offers, co-founders, investment connections, and above all a very strong network.

Startup Delhi has helped community members through knowledge-sharing sessions, workshops, informal meetups, and more. These events have helped reach 20,000+ people offline and 100,000 people online.

The man with tonnes of experience and never back down attitude was always determined to bring a change in the Startup Ecosystem and make a mark of his own.

Abhishek Kumar Gupta Founder Next Big Brand

His multiple ventures and his knowledge define the underlying and never dying spirit of Entrepreneurship he possesses. After helping communities and making people grow, he decided to grow as an Entrepreneur and established UppSkill – A skill-based education startup that currently provides training on in-demand skills like Digital Marketing.

Abhishek Gupta Quotes

“Don’t argue with fools for the sake of winning the argument.”― Abhishek Gupta

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“Bookworms can do 1 good thing in life but Back Benchers can do 50 good things in life.” — Abhishek Gupta

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“You can very well make a product and put a price on it for people to buy. But remember, people, pay a premium for brands.” — Abhishek Gupta 

Abhishek Gupta Quotes About Brands

“You Should Treat Your Blog As a Brand from Day 1 and Must Continue to Work Until it Becomes One.” — Abhishek Gupta 


Abhishek Kumar Gupta Quotes

“Different people will have different opinions about you, But who you really are only you know, and it reflects in your work. Never bother, never explain because someone else’s opinion is never your reality.” — Abhishek Gupta 

Quotes by Abhishek Gupta

“Always remember, only materialistic things can be stolen, not your skills that make you worthy. So stop measuring your value with your possessions! Your skills and your work make you.” ― Abhishek Gupta

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