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The Benefits of Being an AdmitKard Mentor for Students Studying Abroad

Students Studying Abroad

Mentoring is a key component of what we engage in as educators. Whether you wish to become a mentor to a student or colleague, it has a tremendous impact on the lives of those involved. However, before making a decision to become a mentor for students studying abroad, you will first have to join a platform like AdmitKard. AdmitKard is currently the world’s fastest-growing student network thanks to the numerous services that they have to offer.  These services include offering mentoring programs, helping students with the application process and verifying important documents before you can finally fulfill your dream of studying abroad.

Becoming an AdmitKard mentor is not that hard as most people may imagine. All one has to do is sign up on the platform at any time of the day as long as you have an internet connection and a computer system or smartphone.

To sign up, you have to fill in all the mandatory details including your full names, mobile number, email address, and nationality. This action will not take much of your time since their site is easy to navigate. Here are some of the benefits that you are set to enjoy once you successfully sign up as a mentor of AdmitKard.

Handsome Payouts

As an AdmitKard mentor, you will get to make money while still pursuing your studies. This is because AdmitKard offers part-time employment to people who wish to join their mentorship program. To make it even better, AdmitKard has put in place an online payment system which is transparent. You are thus sure of getting your payments in time as long as you are doing the mentorship as required. You will thus part put an end to part-time job hassles as they are at times stressful.

Recognition and Certification

Not all platforms that offer mentorship programs will guarantee recognition and certification once you are through with the job. AdmitKard is quite different as they will take you through easy training and on-boarding before you can finally become a certified mentor. You thus have something to showcase even before finishing your university education since you are already a certified mentor for students who are seeking overseas education.

Share and Learn from Others

Nothing is as good as sharing what you know with others as it also gives you the chance of learning new things. This is exactly what AdmitKard offers once you decide to become one of their mentors. You will get the opportunity to interact with other mentors to form different countries thus exposing you to important things in life. Furthermore, you can also learn about different cultures by simply interacting with your fellow mentors.

Joining a mentorship program is one of the best decisions that you will ever make in life especially when you are a member of the fastest growing student network like AdmitKard. Fortunately, joining such a platform has been made easier as long as you meet the set requirements.


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Students Studying Abroad
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