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5 AI-Powered Video Creation Tools That Will Help You Scale Your Marketing

AI-powered video creation tools

AI is the next milestone in technological evolution that has touched almost every aspect of our lives. Not only has it drastically enhanced customer experience, but the applications of AI are poised to witness a significant upsurge in the coming years. Video tools are the latest in line to receive the AI treatment, and this made the lives of video creators significantly easier.

Video creators spend countless hours perfecting their creation that results in a tremendous utilization of resources and precious time. Well, AI is poised to change that. With advanced video creation platforms that aim to automate the video editing workflow, it has become relatively easier to create compelling videos.

An AI-enabled video maker app automates the workflow for video creators, and their application has become widespread in recent days. In this post, we will be analyzing the surge in video demand, and the top 5 AI-powered tools that can help businesses in scaling their marketing strategies. Let’s begin!

Top 5 AI-Powered Video Tools

Video consumption has skyrocketed in recent days owing to increased internet penetration and growing awareness among consumers. Brands are all over the video creation domain and are constantly looking for ways to deploy appropriate video creation strategies and create compelling videos for their business.

Consumers prefer the video format as it is comparatively easier to consume and provides a fulfilling user experience compared to other forms of media such as text or plain audio. The video creation process, too, has been highly simplified, and creating attractive and eye-catching videos aren’t as cumbersome as it used to be.

With technological advancements such as AI and Machine Learning, the video creation workflow has become simple more than it ever was.

Below are the 5 AI-powered video creation tools that can help video creators in creating compelling videos effortlessly!

1. InVideo

InVideo is an AI-powered, premier video creation app that allows video creators to automate their video creation workflow. This is made possible by an advanced “Intelligent video assistant” that provides real-time suggestions related to design choices, font choices, design templates, and even an auto-correct assistant that drastically reduces any possibility of slip-ups.

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InVideo’s advanced AI, coupled with machine learning, enables video creators to save precious time in the video creation workflow and avoid any technical mistakes in the process. Additionally, the tool has an integrated video optimizer that can automatically format videos for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other video sharing platforms.

2. QuickStories

QuickStories is developed by GoPro and has proven to be a boon for GoPro camera users. The platform was launched back in 2017 and enabled the easy transfer of videos from the GoPro Hero 5 camera system to the user’s mobile device. The platform performs all the video editing operations seamlessly, without any user input. 

The GoPro hero camera analyses all the media in the storage, and with the use of advanced machine learning algorithms, computer vision, and body sensors, sends out the best pictures and videos first for editing. Moreover, the inbuilt AI in QuickStories helps in attaining a perfect white balance, gradient matching, and color matching in the videos.

3. Lumen5

Lumen5 enables video creators to simplify their workflow by automating most of the video editing tasks. Users are simply required to upload their video with a script, and the AI, coupled with Machine Learning and NLP, can automatically highlight important keywords within each sentence.

If the user does not have their media,  they can choose a pre-existing video template from the vast library that Lumen5 provides. Video creators can easily create promotional videos by using the branding feature that includes options such as watermark, font choices, and color pallets. 

4. RawShorts

RawShorts is a completely online video maker app that leverages AI to automatically scan scripts and come up with a compelling animated video within seconds. The user is only required to upload the script, and the Machine Learning algorithms can automatically identify the main concepts of the story and builds the structure of the video.

Once the structure is ready, the AI then assigns characters and generated voice narrations that are completely in line with the provided script. Although RawShorts is a drag-and-drop video editor, it provides users with the option of editing the produced video and publishing it whenever they want.

5. Magisto

Magisto is the culmination of a video editing and video analytics platform that is powered by AI. The functionality of the platform is relatively simple. All the users have to do is upload a video, pick an editing preference, and choose the soundtrack. Once these inputs are provided, the platform automatically generates a compelling video.

Magisto can prove to be the end-to-end marketing solution for video creators as it provides insightful video performance analytics.

Moreover, the platform automatically optimizes the video based on the delivery platform and helps in effectively enhancing the reach of the videos. It also provides heatmaps that give a glimpse of the video performance and provides user-specific video viewing patterns.

Final Thoughts:-

The demand for video marketing is increasing by leaps and bounds as consumers are now demanding more visual content. Brands and businesses are actively building enticing video marketing strategies that can help them getting their name out there and enhancing their reach. These AI-powered video creation tools can help brands enormously in streamlining their video creation approach and staying cost-effective, effortlessly.

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AI-powered video creation tools
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