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Quotes by Arbab Usmani Founder of UppSkill for Digital Talent in You



Arbab Usmani Quotes

Each one of us dreams to reach to our set professional goals. And to achieve this dream we need to have constant dedication and determination to make the situation suitable for us. Once we decide to move in the direction of our ultimate aim, we start putting an extra effort in realizing our goals.

“Come and UppSkill yourself by bringing out your true digital passion.”

Now when we talk about Digital Marketing Training, the only name which stuck up in our mind is UppSkill.

Yes, at Uppskill they aim at making your dreams come true. Their only passion is to help you in making your digital passion your life. They are constantly putting their efforts in creating an ecosystem where acquiring the right skills would be fast, fun and inspiring. 

The real hero behind the story is Mr. Arbab Usmani, the founder of Uppskill. This man rose up from the small town of Muzaffarpur, Bihar. He completed his graduation in Mechanical engineering. But his ultimate interest was in computers, so he learnt the language Java. And he started doing job in some startups at Chennai, Coimbatore, Kolkata and Delhi.

He had a strong thought in his mind that:

Unless and until you ask something for yourself, you won’t be provided with an opportunity. And always remember that opportunity doesn’t come to you, you have to go and grab it.”

The ultimate passion of Mr. Arbab was teaching and digital marketing. So he decided to make his passion turn into founding of a digital institute by the name of Uppskill. He is also an enabler of a digital marketing community called “Uppskill Digital Marketing” at Facebook having more than 21,000+ members.

Uppskill Digital Marketing Community

Uppskill is not just a digital marketing institute, but it is a digital marketing community as a whole. It consist a team of passionate digital marketers or blogger, growth hackers, community builders, digital storytellers, and industry specialists. The team is deeply inspired by the growing digital ecosystem and its power to change our nation.


Arbab Usmani Quotes

“Different communities have different definitions but the generic one is, “For the people by the people.”— Arbab Usmani

“When Everything Fails UppSkill Yourself.” — Arbab Usmani


“The Best Thing You Can Do It Yourself Is To UppSkill.” — Arbab Usmani


“True Leaders Don’t Create Followers, they Create More.” 


“If you love people they will return favor in any form, most of the time it’s love.” — Arbab Usmani


“Har perfection ke peeche bahut sari koshishen chupi hoti hai, bahut sare failures chupe hote hai aur yahi koshishen aur failures cheezon ke perfect hone ki raah banati hai.” — Arbab Usmani


“Hausala aur umeed tabhi kaam karti hai jab hum unke bataye hue raste pe chale, baki sab hawabazi hai.” — Arbab Usmani

“Zindagi me jeetne ke liye sabse pahle khud ko harana bahut zaroori hota hai.” — Arbab Usmani

“Zindagi either aap apne sharton pe jeete ho ya dosron ki, dono hi case me aap decide karte ho zindagi kaise jeeni hai toh complain kahe ka rasta toh apne hi decide kiya hai na.” — Arbab Usmani

Arbab Usmani Quotes 2

“Hausala hi eklauti cheez hai jo hamesha saath deti hai verna ye duniya toh kisi ki na hui hai.” — Arbab Usmani 

“Jab hum kuch bhi karte hai na toh wo hamari legacy ka part hota hai, make sure kariye ki ye legacy logon ko suanane layak ho.” — Arbab Usmani

“Aap bade tab nahi bante jab aap ye kehte hai ki aap se kisi ka kalyaan hua hai aap bade tab bante ho jab dosra kehta hai ki aap ke karan unka kalyaan hua hai.” — Arbab Usmani

“Jab tak apne employee ko pankh nahi doge, tumhara startup udega nahi.” — Arbab Usmani 

“Teri pehchaan teri zubaan hai, na bologe toh pehchaan kho jayegi.” — Arbab Usmani

“Marna hai toh yaadon ke saath khawboon ke saath nahi.” — Arbab Usmani


“Marketing Is Like A Movie And The Marketer Is The Director.”

“Nafratoon ke bazar me bikhri hui hai ghurbat, pyaar ki sadak pe chal ke toh dekho kaise bhukhi rehti hai ye zurrat.” — Arbab Usmani

“Safar nahi safarnama zaroori hai, raste me dekhi har baat zaroori hai.” — Arbab Usmani

“Kuch naya kar ke dikha dun ki is duniya me kaam bahut hai zameen se uta ke falak kp chunna hai ki makaam bahut hai, mukammal shaks wo jo duniya badal de, kaam kar ke marne wale insaan bahut hai.” — Arbab Usmani

“Mushkiloon se ladna hai ya toot ke bikhar jana, faisala tumhara kyunki falsafa bhi tumhara hai.” — Arbab Usmani


Final Words:-

Uppskill is a renowned Digital Marketing Course Online, Digital Marketing Training institute situated in the city of Noida. The institute is set up and managed by Mr. Arbab Usmani. With their passion in mind regarding skilling and upskilling professionals, he decided to start up his own institute. 

According to him a teacher and student relationship is much more divine than a customer and business relationship, so he runs this institute on the values of honesty and with a great responsibility of upskilling the students and professionals. 

He just believes in one thing passion is everything. So use your passion as fuel, hard work as your engine, and data as the steering wheel of your life.


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