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Bad Writing Habits Preventing You from Productive Writing

Writing Habits

Writing is a dream career for so many. It sounds great to put your thoughts on paper and have the freedom to work when the moment strikes, but it comes with its challenges. Too often, we get into the habit of putting off writing, thinking we’ll do it later or just don’t feel like it. These bad habits keep you back from creating that written masterpiece you’ve always dreamed about. 

Breaking these bad habits is not simple, but you can break these bad habits with a bit of dedication and get your motivation back to start writing more today. The first step in making big changes to your habits is recognizing that there is a problem. The second is keeping that issue in mind and making conscious efforts to stop doing them. With these in mind, let’s take a look at our assignment writing help service’s top 3 lousy writing habits many writers struggle with and what you can do to break them. 

Writing takes a lot of motivation and leaves no room for procrastination. Knowing the top 3 bad habits writers struggle with, you can get yourself back on track and start writing a best seller today. 

1. Writing Non-Related Stuff

When you’re in charge of your writing career, you’ll realize that it entails much more than just writing. You’ll have to think about a marketing campaign that gets readers excited and gets your name out there. On the internet today, the best way to start spreading the word is with social media, using creative content to bring attention your way. While it is not difficult, it is time-consuming. You should make posts often, at least once a day, to start gaining a following. 

Just because you’re writing doesn’t mean that you’re productive. Any writing that isn’t geared toward your novel is extra and does not count. It is difficult for some writers to grasp, as your workdays will be a little longer than anticipated at first. But don’t worry, it gets easier. All it takes is just a bit of organization to start writing the novel you’re been dreaming of. 

How to Break It? 

The method of breaking this habit sounds relatively easy, but it is much easier said than done. It takes organization and realizing that your writing time is for your novel only. When you set aside time to write, only focus on continuing your novel and nothing more. Some things to avoid are: 

  • The Television
  • Your mobile
  • Social media alerts on your computer
  • Noise 

It could also help to forbid yourself from getting online altogether. Though many people use their connection for research, you should do that after your dedicated writing time. If you think of something and want to search for it later, Takeexamsonline suggests jotting it down and returning to it, only focusing on continuing your novel. 

2. Finding the “Perfect” Writing Condition 

Imagine sitting out by the beach with the sun shining, a light breeze, and a comfortable desk to bring you writing inspiration. While you might be able to find it somewhere, chances are, you’ll always run into something that keeps you back from finding your perfect writing condition. Life is all around us, and we can’t expect it to stop so that we can write a novel. 

That being said, you’ll need to do what you can to stick with your schedule and get things done. Don’t make excuses. Rain, sun, snow, wind, whatever it may be sit down, quiet your mind, and start writing. 

How to Break It? 

First of all, you’ll need to get the thought of a “perfect” condition for writing out of your head. Second of all, stick to your schedule. As long as you have a quiet or semi-quiet place, write according to your schedule. We know sometimes you just can’t find the right words or inspiration does not come. Still, even writing a few words or thoughts during your writing time is productive. Don’t get discouraged and keep ongoing.

3. Don’t Skip the Reading 

There are some writers out there that don’t read.  However, reading is an essential part of writing. It opens up your mind to ideas, words, and structures. Think of it as practice for writing. While you may be busy with other things and barely have time to make your writing schedule happen, you should find time to read. Even just a few pages will do. 

How to Break It? 

While we would say, ‘just start!’ that doesn’t quite cut it. Choose a book that you enjoy, maybe an author you love, or a topic you’re interested in. Start reading it, even if it is just a few pages a day. Carving out time to read, you’ll realize that your writing time becomes more manageable, and your imagination will start to run easier. Plus, you may learn new things during your reading time, whether it is vocabulary or even facts that expand your horizons. 

Breaking Technical Habits 

Writers have bad habits that impede their availability and a few technical habits they should try to improve. Grammar is not the best friend of many and actually gives writers a lot more trouble than they think. To see where you might need to improve, take a look at the top technical writing mistakes writers make. 

Overusing adverbs 

When describing things, writers like to get detailed. But, overusing these adverbs (quickly, softly, beautifully, etc.) takes away from the readability. 

Using passive voice

Passive voice (“the ball was held by Amy”) is okay to use in some cases. But try to keep your writing in the active voice. It keeps the story clearer and makes it flow better. 

Drawing out paragraphs

When writing, you can be long-winded but, organize your story. Try and avoid long paragraphs that don’t keep your reader’s attention

Start Making Better Habits Today 

We all have bad habits. When it comes to writers, finding the time and the right moment to get into writing can be difficult. But realizing some of your bad habits, you can start to work on them today. Start by organizing your day and setting aside time every day to write. Then, you can take steps from there to change a bad habit each week. 

Don’t try and do it all at once; give yourself time to make new and improved habits, and enjoy the difference they will make in your writing motivation. Ask someone to write for more tips and tricks to become better and better every day.


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