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7 Beautiful Aspects Of Having A Crush On Someone!

Crush On Someone

There is a reason why people say having a crush on someone is an even more amazing feeling than being in a relationship. As having a crush is such an amazing feeling, So, in this article, we will be telling you about the beautiful crush on someone. Here have a look at the article to know the details!

A Crush On Someone Is A Beautiful Feeling

Have a crush on someone? Or are you now in a relationship and once had a crush? Here are some beautiful aspects of a crush on someone that will make your feel crushes are more special. Have a look!

1. You can see them and smile like an idiot

One of the most amazing parts about a crush on someone is that you look at them and smile like an idiot. Watching them gives the ultimate satisfaction that nothing else gives. Your crush becomes your source of happiness and even their one glance in a day can make your super happy. And no matter how bad your day is going, hearing a simple hi from your crush can make you feel better in every possible way.

2. Sleep gets better than reality

In reality, your crush cannot be with you are you have no plans to proper your crush or tell them your feelings, but in your dreams, your crush is only yours and no one else can have them or take them from you. When you have a crush on someone, you tend to sleep more as that is the time when the sleep becomes better than reality where your crush becomes all yours.

3. No Expectations

When a person is in a relationship, they think too much, and that overthinking leads to unstoppable expectations and fights. Whereas, when you have a crush on someone, you don’t think about taking anything from them or expect them to take the first move. For that time, it is only you and your crush on that person and you are willing to do anything to make them feel special and to bring that sweet smile to your crush’s face that you love. Also, you must learn how to start a conversation with your crush because this is the way to start your relationship.

4. Love is All Around

The statement “Love is in the Air” becomes true when you have a crush on someone. You feel like they are the only ones who can make you smile, laugh and feel good about yourselves. You go ‘Awwww’ on all the cute moments and situations and trust me! This is the best phase of loving someone truly by your heart. If you have a crush on someone make sure to enjoy this phase to the fullest.

5. Being Protective

When you have a crush on someone, you start being protective towards your crush, but you have no option other than controlling your emotions. Well, it is surely a sad state but there is just another level of excitement while being protective towards your crush.

6. Helping them in every way possible

During the period of crushing, everyone wants to help their crush in every way possible to come in the notice. Be it helping your crush to take a cab or pinking up the books, everything seems dreamy and like a Bollywood movie where the hero comes to rescue the heroine in every small or big situation.

7. Being a Harmless Stalker

Don’t lie, we all do this!. We all surely stalk our crush over social media and take out all the possible information about them. Be it the food they like, the kind of movie they watch, their birth family, relatives, previous relationship status, we stalk each and every detail related to our crush because we get so curious to know more about them in every aspect. Though people who love their crush by heart do harmless stalking which is totally fine.

Crush On Someone
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