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The Best Way To Become a Gift-Giving Hero



One of the best ways to give back to those around you and make your team or employees feel appreciated is with a great gift they will never forget. Corporate gifting is such an amazing and thoughtful way to increase motivation amongst your company, increase loyalty, receive improvement with prospects. With the power of the internet and technology forever evolving, a new and innovative approach to corporate gifting has made it easier than ever before to show up for your team and clients like never before. 

This innovative to indulge in corporate gifting has considered every possible mishap that could with such a tedious task. What if I told you that you could allow your recipients to choose their perfect stash to avoid the guessing and stress that comes with gift-giving? You could even provide a personalized swag bag amp up the fun and represent your brand or company in a completely different light. Ready to learn more about becoming a gift-giving hero?

First Things First

So, what exactly is corporate gifting? Corporate gifting is when your company offers a thoughtful and appropriate gift to customers, prospects, and employees with no upfront expectations of a return. Although the hope is that the action pays off in the long-term. If not hope, then at least keeping your business top of mind.

You build rapport and establish goodwill with recipients with the right gift. A meaningful gift that leaves a lasting impression can:

  • Motivate employees
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Push prospects one step closer toward being clients

Gifting, in general, can be very hard. Specific people have equally specific tastes. Moreover, corporate gift ideas need to blend with your overall business and branding strategy. Those layers can throw even the savviest of minds for a loop. Don’t let that discourage you , though. It offers financial returns and other business-based benefits you can’t ignore. Read on for a deep dive on the topic.

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

The most impactful way to encourage an employee is to simply say “thank you.” This simple, yet heartfelt thank you could give your employee a considerable morale boost. Actions like corporate gifting should super-charge your team’s morale to the next stratosphere if words have that much power. Given that 81% of employees say they feel appreciated when receiving a corporate gift, our imagination isn’t running wild when we make such a bold statement. Here are a few reasons why:

Workers Thrive On Feeling Valued

Your workers want to feel valued for their hard work. Actually, that’s all anybody really wants. This desire to feel appreciated is basic human nature and psychology. Think about how good you feel when you get a much-needed pat on the back! Recognition of a job well done is often the nectar of sustained success. 

Going Beyond Salary And Compensation

Paying and compensating your team well is nice, and very important, but… There is so much more to employee appreciation than money. There has to be some sentiment behind it, something that will make them feel warm and gooey on the inside… don’t we all like that feeling?

Further studies have shown that companies using non-financial motivation have seen productivity increase by 14%. Need I say more? I will!


Gaining A Competitive Advantage During The Great Resignation

Employees are leaving their companies in droves these days. Turnover is so high across the globe that it’s being called the Great Resignation. Considering that employee turnover can cost anywhere between 30% and 400% of the leaving team member’s salary, it must be prevented.

Transcending Beyond The Transactions With Clients 

Just like employees, clients need more than a transactional relationship from you. They’re not numbers; they’re people. And they should be treated accordingly–a corporate gift is one step to transcend beyond the transactions. Client appreciation can take on many forms, one of them being the act of gift-giving. Let’s do some quick math. Research tells us it costs $50-$80 per gift for high-value business partners. Think about how meager that cost is compared to the money they’ll pour in as a result. 

Finding the Right Corporate Gift

This is oftentimes the part that can be a bit discouraging and cause an unnecessary amount of stress. Think about how tricky it can be to buy gifts for the people you know most intimately. Sometimes it can feel like you’re running a super marathon, hustling from store to store trying to find a real winner. With corporate gifts, you typically don’t have the advantage of those in-depth relationships where you know intimate details about the recipient.

During this phase, it is important to maintain the boundaries of corporate gifting, know your recipient, and grasp the relevant industry. 

When choosing the right gifts for employees, you want to consider the occasion. 

  • Onboarding gifts, 
  • Retirement gifts, 
  • General appreciation gifts. 

For clients and customers, be mindful of these factors:

  • Their value to your company. High-value clients get high-value gifts, lower-paying clients still deserve love. 
  • The occasion. Each scenario requires its own gift type.

Corporate Gifting Made Easy

Corporate gifting is the extra mile a business is willing to go to stand above the rest of the competition. Therefore, it takes the right level of variety, customization and reliability to be the perfect corporate gifting partner. Using this corporate gifting company is the perfect way to find the best snacks and sips and to get these gifts delivered in a variety of wonderful ways. Not only that, but the addition of SwagMagic, an exclusive service for company swag helps you with everything company swag. 

It is almost a sweet science, equal parts branding and a personal act of kindness. By allowing a corporate gift giving company to utilize their expertise to demonstrate an innate understanding and selection of what clients, employees, and prospects want can truly remove the headache of figuring it all out yourself. 

What You Need From A Corporate Gifting Website:

  • The platform for purchasing should be easy to use and headache-free
  • Customized gifts boxes are a plus
  • Seamless delivery should be available to locations other than your billing address
  • The product selection should be diverse and relevant to your clients
  • Do payment methods offer any rewards?

This company will provide all of those things to make running your company much easier and allow you to show your clients and employees the love and appreciation that they deserve. 

Become the gift-giving hero that your company and those connected to it deserve!


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