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Strengthen the Behavioral Competencies of Your Employees

Behavioral Competencies

Today, the employees are not just expected to have professional skills and knowledge but a good behavior. Certainly, in this world, everything works on links. There have to be proper links and only then a business can grow significantly. If your employees are not effective and good at behavioral competencies, it might be a setback for your business. After all, sometime or the other the staff members have to interact with the clients and business associates, and in these instances, if their behavior is not good, that would be a loophole in your organization.

Since it is the case, more and more organizations have started investing in Behavioural assessmentWell, you are not going to be the first small organization to wonder what really these behavioral competencies are and what relevance they might possibly have in your business. But before you terminate them, it would be good if you know them well.

What are behavioral competencies?

In simple words, it is all about how strong or weak your employees are in the working setup.  It can be the strength and powerful point of people in the working space. All the staff members you have possess different behaviors or skills. What if you can define what type of behavioral competencies your candidates have?

Exactly, once you assess the behavior of your candidates, you can easily bring the change in them you want.

You might already be searching your staff’s behavioral competencies that too without even knowing it. As an example, when you hire someone you usually draw up a list of wanted qualities you would like them to possess such as analytical skills or customer-facing skills. Various competencies will be more vital in some roles than in others. In case you have sales consultants, then a wonderful telephone manner might be much more relevant and crucial than strong organizational skills. Of course, organizational skills might be beneficial for somebody on a personal assistant designation.

Being a small to medium company, it might be challenging to track such types of behavioral competencies. It is simply because there is no unshakable method of gaging them. These are not at all quite as perceptible as targets.

However, these things play a vital role in recruitment, workforce planning, training, and development. It might interest you that behavioral competencies are mainly divided into different categories like individual competencies, motivational competencies, interpersonal competencies, analytical competencies, and managerial competencies.

When are behavioral competencies significant for your business?

There are plenty of instances where behavioral competencies can turn out to be really useful within your business.

Have a look below:

  • It is effective as a common language.  It means if you can describe the behavioral competencies that are significant to your organization in detail so that the employees can understand what you really want and what is required, then you would have a common definition. What it really means in practice is your staff can comprehend what is needed from them even if they begin to work in a different team or with the different set of colleagues because the competencies in the organization stay the same.
  • You have to work on the development of staff too. In case you identify successful qualities and competencies that are needed for outstanding performances by your staff members then you can form a list by which you can easily assess them. You can then scale your staff against those and make a plan for their development activities as per the areas they are weak at. It can be monitored through their daily appraisals managed using a good appraisal system.
  • Then there are objective types of recruitments too. On the basis of your experience of specific roles, you’ll know what types of competencies are required for someone in that role to be fruitful. You can then make a list those competencies that you need and use them in the collection process.
  • You can measure the potential of your staff. The way you can make use of behavioral competencies to assist with assessing where your staff members are at and where they require to improve, you can easily use them to measure their suitability for senior roles. In case you have a list of qualities needed for a specific post, you can easily measure your potential candidates’ abilities against that and if they would fit the role or designation or not.
  • Then behavioral competencies can even turn out to be helpful in forming the basis of a logical career progression by underlining the attributes staff must have to move into a fresh role. They can even help staff in identifying transferable skills. 

The vital thing is to not get much tied up in knots about behavioral competencies – there are chances that you are already taking them into consideration in the context of your employees. You just have to focus on the qualities and traits that you need for certain roles and make use of those as your behavioral competency benchmarks. When you would do the assessment of behavioral competencies in your business, you can easily find out what is there and where you have to focus. You have to be careful about everything and everybody. After all, each employee you have belongs to your organization. If they act in an ineffective manner, that would be a tint on your reputation.

A test would be helpful,

If you are curious about how to assess the behavioral capabilities of your candidates or employees, you can always employ a behavioral test in your organization. The first thing that you can do is you can use this test in your recruitment program. In this way, you would be able to assess the capability of the candidate right at the beginning of the recruitment. Otherwise, if you have promotion time then too you can use this test to assess the behavior of your staff members so as to choose one out of them for the next designation.


Thus, you should think about the behavioral competencies of your employees and your business would surely progress with double speed.


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