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Now Enjoy The Benefits of Life Insurance Instantly with No Waiting Period!!

Benefits of Life Insurance

Life Insurance policy is undertaken by every individual so that when they die, their families don’t suffer from a financial crisis and receive the beneficiary amount. Any traditional insurance policies having more coverage conduct through medical examinations and take 1 to 3 months to get approved. In this world of smart technology where everything is instant, the waiting period of Traditional Life Insurance policy is quite a time consuming and even makes us impatient at a point of time.

That’s the reason today many companies are providing no waiting period life insurance and you get to know quickly whether you are approved of the policy or not instantly. Steps to get Life

Insurance with zero waiting periods

Here are the following steps that can make you get instant life insurance with no waiting period.

A) You can search in Google for instant life insurance companies and select the one among them having a good reputation. You will be prompted with some health-related questions and you basic information details.

B) Enter the information as asked and you will able to access the quotes from various companies offering instant life insurance policies.

C) Your selected insurance company then conduct a quick research from various databases on the basis of your information to determine a brief status of current and past health and on the basis of that, it will decide whether you are eligible for your policy or not.

D) The companies let you know their decision online on the same day and within a few minutes even, and if you get approved you policy gets activated instantly without serving any waiting period.

The healthy individuals don’t even require a medical test for this process but if any serious illness is detected, then a quick medical test you will have to take even if you apply for instant insurance policies.

Advantages of Instant Life Insurance

1. Fast and Efficient

Online Life Insurances executes faster through your provided information and their database search and gets activated instantly unlike the traditional ones where you need to wait for weeks and even months to get the status of your approval.

2. Little or No medical examinations

If you are aged between 18 to 40 years, Instant life insurance policies are easier as generally, they conduct no thorough medical tests like collecting a blood sample, urine, or checking the cholesterol levels unless they find any serious illness from your records. But in case, even if you require a little test for any confusion or doubt regarding your health, the status will be given to you instantly and you don’t need to wait for months.

3. Low Cost

The instant life insurances are created by accelerated underwriting which uses specific algorithms to track the status of your current health from the given information and estimate your life expectancy as per that. This eliminates the expense of huge medical test procedures by the insurance providers and they can quickly come to a conclusion. As a result, you get to enjoy the insurance policies at affordable rates and have high coverage benefits compared to the length traditional process.  

Types of Instant Life Insurance

A) Online Term Life Insurance: ideal for young individuals from 18 to 40 and also for the ones from 40 to 60. This insurance comes with 10, 15 to maximum 20 years period.

B) Online Guaranteed Life Insurance: It covers lifetime insurance policy and has better coverage compared to term. Also, the premiums in the whole life insurance policies are mostly fixed and don’t fluctuate unlike the term policies on renewal.


The instant insurance policies with zero waiting time are best suited for people having a serious illness as they have better chances of getting approved and provides quality death benefits with good coverage. Also, it is beneficial for the healthy ones due to their instant activation procedures.


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