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Are You Falling for Red Tea Detox (Scandalous) Marketing Tactics?

Benefits of Red Tea Detox

They say never trust something that sounds too good to be true.

So, doesn’t the claims of The Red Tea Detox falls in the same category?

One of the most popular weight loss programs of recent times, benefits of Red Tea Detox promises “you lose 14 pounds of pure body fat in just 14 days.”

Yes. 14 founds. 14 days. That’s like all our hushed wishes coming true. BUT does the weight loss system really works that great and effectively?

Well, the answer falls beyond the borderline of our topic here. How good is that product—let’s keep that (for a change) aside for now.

We’ll focus on Liz Swann Miller – the creator of The Red Text Detox program – and the marketing tactics she (or her agency) has deployed to blindfold consumers with counterfeit practices.  

Again, for now, no comments on how good her program really is. That’s a different subject altogether. How you came to know about the product and how you’ve been made to believe that the weight loss system will change your life — that’s in the spotlight here.

Everywhere on Instagram

If you’re interested, even remotely, in anything fitness, your Instagram feed would definitely have at least one post talking about the Red Tea Detox.

As of late, the social media app, which is apparently a haven for all the fitness-based businesses and enthusiasts, is spilled with talks on Red Tea Detox. Models and influencers with hundreds and thousands of followers are swearing by this weight loss program. And they are recommending their followers to make the jump and purchase the program with “this has changed my life” and “I was once overweight as well” captions.

It’s no surprise that influencer marketing is one of the fastest emerging strategies that marketers around the world have taken up seriously. And it is even more prevalent in the fitness niche than any other industry.

Whether these influencers and pretty models have themselves tried the red tea detox or not, that’s a separate discussion. But it’s a fact that they are being paid to promote the product.

Have you been living under the stone as of late, here’s a shocker:Instagram celebrityis a real thing today. Users who have thousands and millions of followers are making fortune on this social platform. For instance, did you know Kylie Jenner makes $1 million per paid Instagram post?

So, if you’re seeing many people ranting over how great red tea detox is, understand that they are paid to do so.

A Very Cliched Storytelling

You’ve heard of Jay Shetty. The influencer/personality sells his story with “former monk” or “ex-monk”. Now does that not sound the very-first and awkward? A guy lived like a monk and now he’s back to save lives? That’s a very cliched story but it has worked well for him to make millions annually. (I love him btw!)

But wait, if you think that’s awkward of a story to sell self, you would cringe at what Liz Swann Miller has up her sleeves. Here’s how she sells her story and her red tea detox recipe:

“The massive, red, venomous snake was looking right at me. I held my breath. I didn’t move an inch.

I was petrified. I remember thinking,

“Why did I risk my life for this cup of tea?”

The snake was flicking his tongue at me. He rattled his tail. That’s when he jumped…

When I woke up, I was surrounded by an African tribe. They were playing strange music as I had never heard before. A few of them were taking care of me.

Finally, the tribe’s Shaman gave me the cup of tea that would change my life forever.”

And that’s how the world came to know about the great Red Tea Detox—out of a dramatic, less-believable and incredibly hero-rescued-cliché story.

There’s literally no way to find out the truth behind this story. Maybe she’s not lying. Maybe she is.

BUT here’s the punchline: today, more than ever, branding is an important component of marketing. The market is crowded with countless competitors. (The situation in the fitness/weight loss market is even worse.) And storytelling is an important component of a good branding strategy.

You tell a fascinating story about your product that explains how it came into being, why it exists, what is its purpose, and why you want consumers to purchase it.

Take the example of any successful and renowned brand. You will find all these ingredients in their backstories.

And then look at Liz Swann Miller and her story. It, too, has all these ingredients—albeit a bit too exaggeratedly.

So, even if you’re going to believe that story, make sure you’re well aware of the fact that this “story” is a part of a well-thought marketing/branding strategy.

People Promoting the Product Everywhere

If you’re seeing a lot of articles and comments on the internet promoting the benefits of Red Tea Detox program, there’s a reason behind that.

No, they are not directly paid for that. But they stand a chance to earn “$1 million cash” – or at least that’s what the affiliate program of Red Tea Detox claims.

Affiliate marketing is a red-hot avenue for bloggers and influencers around the world to make money. They sign up for an affiliate program and promote that product to their followers/readers. If they manage to get these followers/readers purchase the product via a unique link (that contains a unique track code), they get paid commission for that sale.

Now, Red Tea Detox has a very interesting and compelling affiliate program that’s just too good to say “no” for many of these bloggers and influencers.

The program asks, “why wants $1 million cash?” It then goes to explain the benefits of signing up to it, which includes:

“75-100% Commission levels” “$100 Cash Bonus to All New Affiliates” “Converts with COLD + WARM Traffic” “$200+ Per Sale to Be Earned” “Monthly Cash & Prize Giveaways”.

Now, imagine if you run a blog or YouTube channel and have amassed a close following of even just 100 people, would you not be tempted to this affiliate program? Do the calculation. You have 100 people who trust you. Even if just 50 of them purchase this weight loss program through your unique link, you can easily make thousands of dollars in just a matter of a couple of days.

Would you not promote that product then even when you haven’t tried the product yourself or don’t know if it’s as effective as it claims?

If you’re in majority, you definitely will.

This is why you’re seeing bloggers and influencers crazily promote the benefits of Red Tea Detox through articles and videos—because they, apparently, stand to earn “$1 million cash”.

So, all these good stuff you’re finding of this weight loss system online, they aren’t necessarily authentic.


This article isn’t meant to bad-mouth the Red Tea Detox recipe or the whole program. Neither is it meant to target Liz Swann Miller. (She looks to be a wonderful woman!) it is just meant to make you acquainted with the marketing tactics that these products usually deploy—tactics which aren’t always honest.

So, don’t get carried away with these dishonest attempts to persuade consumers. If you’re really looking to invest in this weight loss program, look beyond its marketing strategy to make the right decision.

In case, if you were looking for the review of Red Tea Detox, read Red Tea Detox Program


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