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How To Make Your Biological Courses Rock? Read This!

Biological Courses

Veterinarians treat animals livestock, pets, sporting and laboratory animals and help to protect humans from the diseases carried by animals. They diagnose medical problems of animals, dress their wounds, set broken bones, perform surgery, prescribe and administer medicines and vaccinate animals against diseases. They may also advise owners about care and breeding of animals.

Veterinary Science

Veterinarians may treat small animals such as dogs, cats, birds, or treat only large animals such as cattle and horses, sheep and swine. There are very few who treat all kinds and sizes of animals the veterinarian in private practice may decide to set up practice in a farming community or in an urban setting. Large ranches, farms and stud farms may employ full-time veterinarians who would be based on-site.

Zoological gardens, animal sanctuaries bird sanctuaries also have veterinarians on their staff. Practical work of caring for animals may involve somewhat disagreeable work spheres and physical strength. Research and laboratory work is also common among veterinarians while some of them may go into teaching. Veterinarians may conduct research on prevention and control of animal diseases, development of biological/pharmaceutical products, better fodder/feed for them, immunisation of the animals, effects of modern nutritional inputs on animal health, animal genetics, breeding, animal Pathology etc.


Pharmaceutical Science is the science which is aimed at the development of new drugs which can be used for the newly diagnosed diseases. They are taught about the composition of the drugs and hence,  can be suitable for the consultation on prescribing or prescribing any medicine to a patient. Pharmacists act as consultants to health practitioners and the general public concerning adverse drug reactions and interactions, and may also give advice relating to medical supplies and durable healthcare equipment.

They are the link between doctors and their patients because they are in a position to understand and explain the effects and correct use of medicines. With more new drugs on the market, the role the pharmacist is changing. Both doctors and patients need their expert advice as they have a thorough knowledge of the composition, action and interaction of new drugs. Doctors also rely heavily on their advice and views on the best way to use new drugs for particular conditions. While doctors also keep up with the latest pharmaceutical developments, it is the pharmacist who actually has more time to keep up with these.


The insight given by medical students more or less sums it up: MBBS helped us to combine  interest in science with their interest in humanities. The skills that you use in medicine are actually a kind of analytical skill although a basic interest and ability in science is important. Medicine may be science but it is a huge art in its application.” So, if you are inquisitive by nature and want to take care of people, like biology and are prepared log it out, then medicine is a field that offers tremendous opportunities.

It is a lifelong intellectual challenge. Training in medicine requires significant amount of dedication and effort from the students. 


Physical Therapy is an important phase of medical care in hospitals and other health facilities. Besides the preventive and curative concepts of medicine, it is Physiotherapy which helps in an improved quality of life when there are challenges some individuals have to face. Alongside trained doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical staff you will find the paramedical experts like Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Audiology and Speech Therapists, Mental Rehabilitation specialists who will be there to help.

Today Physiotherapy has come to be accepted as an integral aspect of medical care. The specialized fields of work that the field of Physiotherapy medicine throws up can offer good emoluments like social standing, prestige, commitment to life and the living.

Para-medical occupations, as these professionals are compositely referred to, are fast catching up in importance and in many ways are competing with the mainstream of medicine concerning job openings, remunerations, etc.

The added advantage is that in these the period of training is shorter while placements are as good as any other field. Today doctors are depending more and more on a full-fledged Physiotherapy program including physical, mental or a combination of both types of rehabilitation measures.

Biological Courses
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