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Best Getaways Places to Visit in Near Miami

Best Getaways Near Miami

Miami can be easily deemed as a beach lovers’ paradise. It is worth remembering that Miami is not only a major tourist destination in the US, it a hustling and bustling city where people live and work. Therefore, for these city bees, even paradise can become boring and overbearing at times.

In to beat this boringness, getaways are a great way to achieve peaceful sojourn, especially at the weekend in Miami. Some of major Miami getaways are listed below:

Everglades National Park

This national park is also known as the Florida Everglades. It is quite hard to imagine that such an area of marshlands and swamps is present just two hours’ drive away from the big city of Miami. The area can be explored well on airboats from which the unique flora and fauna can be well enjoyed. 


This Naples must not be confused with the Italian one. However, the classy beaches accompanied by high-end shops make a trip to American Naples quite interesting. A drive of two hours from Miami would take you the American Naples spotted with post restaurants and sleek art galleries.

West Palm Beach

It is also known as the ‘the third-richest ZIP code in America’. As the name suggests, Palm Beach is the home of the richest people in the country or perhaps the world as well. A mere 73 miles away from Miami, Palm Beach is the perfect eye candy with its posh boutique hotels, well-kept and manicured lawns of the local houses and rich looking yachts lining the marina.

 Pompano Beach

If you are not pleased by the extravagant show of wealth and still want to have a fabulous beach getaway, Pompano Beach is just the place for you. Located just 37 miles from Miami in the north, this beach is dotted with high-rise condos that offer an excellent sea view. This place has some of the best seafood places. The trick is to search and find these ‘hidden gems’.

St. Petersburg

If you are up for a long drive of almost 4 hours from Miami, then St. Petersburg or St. Pete (as the locals lovingly call the place) is just what you need. The long white sandy beaches with lovely restaurants and breweries perfectly sum up worry-free getaways. The city also provides glimpses of ‘Old World Florida’ in the likes of Hemmingway and Fitzgerald.

Biscayne National Park

Apart from Everglades, also another national park is just about 40 miles away from Miami. It is called by the name of Biscayne National Park. This national park is primarily a marine park as opposed to the swamps and marshes of the Everglades. Despite being a national park, Biscayne has some vast stretch of beaches that are just perfect for relaxing.

Florida Keys

An island oasis is located just an hour from Miami; the Florida Keys is the perfect place to hang out without the gaudy pub joints and rowdy parties. However, this place is famous for its cheap cocktails and food buffets. The best part of this place is that it has something to offers to all travelers from different budget groups.


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