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What Are the Best Mock Test Series For GMAT?

Mock Test GMAT

A post graduate degree in management opens up one’s career prospects to several exciting avenues as well as better paid jobs. An MBA comes handy in building your own business as well. GMAT is one of the most respected entrance exams which is held in high regard by most B schools around the world. If you are planning on going for GMAT, practice is the key. The syllabus is not difficult, you simply need to have a smart strategy and good time management. Here are some of the best GMAT mock tests to start your practice with.

GMAC Official Practice Tests

The official practice tests issued by GMAC are the very best for GMAT preparation. Being their own original mock test, these questions are set exactly in the same style, format and pattern. Their quality is also at par with GMAT since these tests are created by the top professionals.

Taking these tests would give you an exact idea of what you expect on your GMAT test. However, since the number of free mock tests are limited it is best to save at least a couple of these tests for the final leg of preparation.

Kaplan Practice Tests

Kaplan offers a series of free GMAT practice tests which are very close to the real GMAT tests in format, structure and content. Their practice questions are of extremely high quality and they offer videos with answers and detailed explanations. Their most helpful section is the instructor-proctored test which offers live explanations, a small lesson and a live chat option to ask questions.

Veritas Practice Tests

Veritas is a great option as it offers extensive free GMAT practice tests to assess yourself on. The mock exams are set in the GMAT format and quality which offers a realistic experience of the test. It can be paused in the middle of a test and you have the option of taking the full exam or choosing certain sections only.

Experts Global Practice Tests

Experts Global offers a greater number of mock tests than most others, which is great for practicing and improving your skills. Their test pattern, format, style and content are highly representative of GMAT’s original exam. They offer video explanations of their questions and applicants can also unlock a number of short videos on revising key concepts.

Manhattan Prep Practice Tests

Manhattan Prep offers a number of practice tests which are excellent in terms of quality of the questions although the visuals are a little different. You have the option of taking the test without being timed or manually adjusting the time to be allotted. However, for better time management, it is best to follow the standard GMAT timing. This test is a good option for beginners as it is a little difficult to complete on time in this phase. 

Practice brings perfection. Mock tests help you prepare your strategies and manage your time efficiently for the main test. The more practice tests you solve, the better are your chances of cracking GMAT.


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Mock Test GMAT
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