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Best Preparation Tips to Help you Score Perfect 90 for PTE Exam

PTE Scores

Non-English speaking students willing to study in an English-speaking nation are required to appear for a language proficiency test that determines their ability to read, write, listen and speak in English. Pearson Test of English or PTE is a language proficiency test that is needed for studying abroad and immigration. Several universities in the U.S., the U.K, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand accept PTE scores among other language test scores.

PTE is a 3-hour long computer-based test which tests the ability to read, write, speak and listen in English. Candidates listen and respond to questions for the speaking and listening test via a headphone at the Pearson test center. There are also twenty written questions that include MCQs, essay writing and data analysis. PTE also tests the candidate’s ability to understand the accent of the destination country. The content for PTE questions may be pieces from academic lectures; you may see graphs and charts and other complicated data.

The score of PTE is divided into three levels based on the scores. The requirement or eligibility criteria may differ for each country. The points and score are given by a computer program. Here are the levels based on PTE Scores and the points you can earn.

Score Level Points
50 and above Competent 0
65 and above Proficient 10
79 and above Superior 20

How to Score 90 in PTE?

Scoring 90 in PTE can make you eligible for studying in the best universities aboard. However, it involves a lot of hard work and preparation. A few tips and strategies can also make the process a little bit easier. So, if you are a PTE aspirant, check out the tips below that can help you get a score of 90.

For the Reading test, you should study the list of words provided by PTE for preparation to improve your vocabulary. Reading test can appear tricky to the students where MCQ questions follow complicated and lengthy paragraphs. A great trick to answer MCQs faster will be to look for the options first if the paragraph is too long. For a shorter paragraph, you may choose to give it a quick read.

When arranging randomly placed paragraphs, you should not rely on grammar tactics only. Instead, try to logically arrange them. You may try the trick of arranging with the help of year or dates if any. The paragraph that mentions about any event in the past or has a previous year mentioned can be safely assumed to be the first.

For the Listening Test, try to listen with your eyes closed as it ensures greater concentration. Also, write down the keywords, instead of taking detailed notes to answer quickly.

As far as the Speaking Test goes, only practice will make you perfect. A non-English speaking student should make it a habit to speak in English in his daily life, at least for a few months before appearing for PTE. You should note down keywords carefully and develop fluency in speaking when retelling a lecture because pauses and hesitations can lower your score. When describing an image, be sure to include the key points and not overanalyze the image. Instead, describe the image as you perceive it.

To ace the Writing Test, developing a strong vocabulary is vital. You should practice writing essays, consult dictionaries and thesaurus. You may also seek the help of the internet to study sample essays and practice.

Preparing for the tests alone will not help you PTE Scores as high as 90 unless you get familiar with the examination pattern. So you should attempt mock tests, take coaching classes if you need extra guidance and follow the examination pattern closely while preparing.

You should be familiar with the scoring pattern for PTE. A detailed idea of the scoring pattern can help you build strategies to earn extra points. Also, mock tests can provide you with an idea of the probable score based on your level of preparation.

PTE is an important test to achieve your dreams of studying aboard. So leave no stones unturned to ace it. Practice as much as possible, follow expert advice from various online sources and incorporate English in your daily life by reading more and speaking in English with your family and friends.


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PTE Scores
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