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7 Best Things To Do In Austin – A Simple Travel Guide To Austin

Travel Guide To Austin

Austin is a very vibrant city that is full of energy. In Austin, you’ll always have someplace to go or something to do! The city embraces an alternative lifestyle and is one of the most popular locations for millennials to move to. Austin is a place of scorching summers and cool winters with occasional rain. If you’re planning on traveling to Austin, then spring is the perfect time as it’s comfortable with warm temps and endless sunshine.

Hotels in Austin are amazing and come at all price ranges. If you’re looking for hotels in Austin, then keep an eye out for The Driskill Hotel, South Congress Hotel, Hotel San Jose, or Hotel Ella.

With the basics out of the way, let’s look at the seven best things to do in Austin

1. Swim in the Barton Springs

The Barton Springs pool is one of the Crown Jewels of Austin. This three 3 acres Municipal pool is located at Zilker Park. The place is ideal for year-round swimming as the pool is fed from underground springs, keeping the average temperature 68-70 degrees. Barton Springs is very popular, bringing in a diverse number of people nearing 800,000 in recent years. Fun fact, Robert Redford learned to swim at this pool when he was five years old.

You can also find the endangered Barton Springs Salamander here. The spring is listed as a federally protected habitat for them. If you’re planning on taking a swim here, make sure not to come on Thursday. The pool is closed on Thursdays from 9 am-7 pm to clean and maintain the pool area for both guests and wildlife. The Depth of the pool ranges from 0′ to 18′. A grassy area surrounds the pool so that patrons can lounge upon. Adjacent to the pool bathhouse is a place called Splash!. It’s an educational exhibit where you can learn about the history and biology of Barton Springs and the Edwards Aquifer, which feeds it.

2. Watch the Sunset from Mount Bonnell

While visiting Austin, Mount Bonnell is the perfect place for outdoor adventures. It offers some incredible views of the city. It’s located at Covert Park and is the highest point in Austin at 775 feet. This place is perfect for making your Instagram feed prettier with beautiful pictures or for a romantic adventure with your significant other. You can also bring your dog here to chill. The view during sunset is breathtaking and perfect for landing that long-awaited proposal!

3. Play the Escape game

The Escape game is extremely fun and addictive. The premise of the game is simple. In an hour, you must escape a series of rooms through communication skills, problem-solving, and logic. You’ll also be given certain hints. The difficulty of a game ranges between easy and impossible!  Game modes include Goldrush, Prison Break, The heist, playground, and classified. Each game mode is immersive, social, challenging, and fun! Furthermore, each game mode is custom-designed with zero safety hazards. The Escape game is best enjoyed with friends or family.

4. Grab a drink at Jester King Brewery

If you’re itching to get a nice drink, then be sure to visit the pride of Austin, the award-winning Jester King Brewery. Jester King is an authentic brewer of farmhouse ales. Inspired by the classic farmhouse breweries of Europe, they incorporate local grains, fruits and vegetables, well water, foraged plants, and native yeast and bacteria to make beer. The farm spans over 165 acres of land. You can catch a free farm tour every Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm and 6 pm.

5. Catch Live Music

Austin is known as the live music capital of the world. Numerous venues are scattered throughout Austin, where you can catch a live show. Some of the most prominent venues include C-Boy’s Heart and Soul (south Austin), Broken Spoke (south Austin), The Continental Club (south Austin), Beerland (downtown Austin), The White Horse (East Austin), Skylark Lounge (East Austin), Hole in the Wall (west campus) and Mohawk (Downtown Austin).

6. Watch bats from South Congress bridge

The largest urban bat colony in North America is found in the crevices under the South Congress Bridge. Currently, there are around 1.5 million bats. Every summer night, you can see all of them spiral out into the summer skies. It’s an amazing view unique to Austin. More than 100,000 people come to see the bats. The most popular viewing spot is atop the bridge, but you can also get a spectacular view from the river atop a kayak or canoe. The bridge bats are a species of bats known as Mexican free-tailed bats. Besides giving thousands of people a spectacular view, the bats also help to eradicate 10,000 to 20,000 pounds of insects (including agricultural pests).

7. Visit the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail

This place around lady bird lake is one of the most beloved and most visited places in Austin. Here you will find the Boardwalk, which stretches for 1.1 miles and is partially over water. The Boardwalk provides stunning views of downtown and wildlife over the water. If you need to take a break during your visit, then head for the Lou Neff Point. You will find beautiful birds and butterflies attracted by the native flowering plants. This water overlook also encompasses natural woodlands.

You can also feed bread to some ducks! If nature calls during your visit, then fear not as the trail has several unique restrooms. The Miro Rivera Restroom at the foot of Rainey Street is an award-winning space. If you’re looking for an inside-outside restroom that offers a nice view of nature, then head for Heron Creek Restrooms.

Make sure to check out these attractions the next time you visit Austin!


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Travel Guide To Austin
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