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10 Bizarre Things About An Engineer’s Life You Don’t know

Bizarre Things About Engineers

To non-engineers lives of engineers might seem bizarre but it is even weirder on the inside. The subtle nuances of an engineer’s every day can only be appreciated by fellow engineers or someone in the know.

Here are 10 most bizarre things about the lives of engineers that most of you have no idea about.

Often their bosses have no idea of what they do

Engineers often work under people who have little understanding of engineering. This is bizarre because these are the people who decide what needs to be done and what not, which makes an engineer’s life miserable.

Engineers also find themselves struggling to fully materialize the demands of their clients due to lack of missing information and clarity.

Still, Engineers tend to love their work

Even though indifferent bosses and uncertain clients are part of their daily work routine, engineers still find their work greatly rewarding and interesting. To non-engineers, the statement of getting a whole lot of personal fulfillment from their jobs might seem bizarre but many engineers state the same.

Engineers solve problems that most of don’t even know exist

Engineers show such insightfulness at times that is bizarre for many of us. While planning a project, an engineer finds the solutions for problems that some people even fail to factor. Whether it’s seeing a roadblock ahead or run-of-the-mill repairs, engineers do it all.

Impossible is a dreaded word for engineers

Most of us overuse the word impossible, but engineers have no such work in their dictionaries. They make a career out of resolving difficult problems. This is why engineers have the fighting spirit and patience of a Samurai. It may take years, but an engineer will do it.

Engineering is a respected profession

Engineering is one of those professions that hardly need any further explanation once announced. Engineers tend to get respect from the general public. Even when many people do not any idea what an engineer does, they speculate how technical his job is. Beside speculations, engineers have to pass some of the toughest examinations in the country to earn the right to practice engineering.

Engineers can’t spell

A bizarre rumor associated with engineers is that they are terrible spellers. Even being some of the most educated people, engineers’ inability to spell makes them a topic of talk.

Maybe it is because of the natural inclination of their minds towards math and computation that makes nuances of spelling superfluous to them.

Engineers have poor proofreading skills

Building upon the above rumor, engineers are incapable of proofreading as well supposedly. In words of John P. Bachner, Executive Vice President of AFSE,

“Although most civil engineers provide a wide array of deliverables as written documents, the vast majority do not know how to proofread.”

This is truly bizarre given the fact that engineers are some of the brightest minds.

Engineers go-to response is to fix everything themselves

Engineers never hire another professional to fix something rather take matters in their hands (even when they have no idea how to do it in the first place). Water leak, broken car or toys, for some reason engineers need to be in charge of fixing it all on their own. According to the Agile Center, an Agile consultancy and training service provider, 69% of the individuals they train are not computer science graduates but those who choose to learn software development on their own.

This is truly bizarre because they may struggle for days even months before they even think about hiring a professional.

Engineers can be in their own world

We all have seen those sit-coms in which engineers are portrayed as absent-minded geeks. Unfortunately, engineers are often found to be so in real life because they can get absorbed by their own thoughts irrespective of where or when.

For the same reason, engineers are hardly interested in popular culture. Don’t be surprised when you come across an engineer who is not interested in that new must-watch Netflix series.

This is bizarre as you never know when an engineer gets exposed to a particular problem that seems to be unsolvable.

Engineers are the seeker of the unknown

Engineers are naturally curious and unlike most professionals, they comfortably accept that they don’t know something. This helps them to keep looking and learning. Nothing scares an engineer more than the thought of getting bored and not challenged.

This is why they often dive into the unknown which can be refreshing for many. But this approach makes engineers overworked and underpaid.

Maybe because they keep fighting challenges and pay little attention to learn how to learn to manage people to progress to managerial roles.

There you have the 10 most bizarre things about engineers life.


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