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From Bread To Cake: Unraveling its History & Importance

Bread Cake

If you are a dessert hound, you will often find yourself salivating over bread cake, cookies, pies, and puddings. It’s not hard to imagine that these creamy, poufy balls of dough have a venerable history to follow. As we chronicle the history of this deliciousness, we begin to see kinship among cakes and celebratory occasions. 

The rich- creamy history of beautiful layers of cream, fruits, passion–cake, arises from the Egyptian world. In ancient times, these scrumptious treats were prepared for special occasions and festivals. The prehistoric tomb paintings from Egypt shows Egyptians feasting on these delightful delights which were coarse unleavened bread filled with fruits, honey, and nuts. 

Another vanguard in the history of cakes is the Germans. It is believed that the first birthday cake was baked in Germany in the Middle Age. The Germans would celebrate their children’s birthdays with cakes, which they would call celebration Kinderfest. 

These early cakes were flat and dense, a baked dessert very different from today’s spongy and elaborate cakes. From the times of Egypt’s to the present, cakes have not only mirrored social, technological, and political developments; these have in many ways been significance in celebrations and festivities. In this regard, note that a cake has always been a relevant addition to commemorate and accomplish the day. 

Thus, today will dig into why cakes are important for events, festivities and will be forever: 

#1. A Source Of Happiness

Whether you are a child or a matured individual, all of you contain the same spirit to celebrate the birthday with a spark. However, the most happening in the entire celebration is the delectable birthday cake that becomes the ultimate cynosure of the day. In a happening birthday, cake brings extreme contentment to the hearts of all. 

#2. A Taste of Joy & Success

When we talk about cakes, it is bound to have you panting for lip-smacking flavours. Thus celebrating occasions with cakes give you an opportunity to devour different tastes but a fresh pineapple cake outnumbers all the flavours on any given occasion. It’s so interesting how a cake covered in layers of freshly whipped vanilla frosting loaded with pineapples and cherries can give you a dash of distinguished happiness. Again, pineapples are a symbolism of prosperity and good fortune. That’s why pineapple cakes for any occasion are becoming a popular choice. 

#3. Reason To Carouse in Merrymaking

In India or any part of the world, celebrations and festivities are an excuse to spend time with your dear and near ones. Even sometimes, you may get to spend time with your lost aunts and uncles. Therefore, such special occasions remain incomplete without a delicious cake. Adding a cake to every special celebration is the key to escalating your merriment to cloud nine. 

#4. Experience Pleasurable Moments

We are sure that you have gobbled down a whole cake or have turned down a box of chocolates on a bad day just so you could feel that there’s still hope left in the world! That’s exactly what we are talking about. Nothing can set your mood right than eating a cake in your favourite flavour. So, to make events pleasurable, you cannot do without a cake, for sure. 

Admit it cakes make your celebration more jubilant. So, go ahead and celebrate each moment with a bread cake while you can! 


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Bread Cake
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