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BSNL Wings To Integrate Against Jio Chat

BSNL Wings
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Amazingly India telecom service companies never cease to amaze. Technological battles and upcoming products from different companies. The best part is where us the citizens get all the goodies. Telecommunication providers are bound to entertain and maintain users. India chocked by hosting a lot of telecom service providers some famous and big while others are making baby steps. No matter the position the companies gain users due to the service or the cheap rates offered.

BSNL Wings

The new app in town officially launched by the telecom minister Manoj Sinha. Wings is an internet based telephony service or a VOIP service. A product by the Bharti Sanchar Nigam Ltd a famous telecom company in the country which hosts a big number of users and attracting more by introducing Wings.

Wings app uses no Sim card or wired system since it’s an internet service. Attractively BSNL wings offers users a whole year of free audios and video call thus beating some of the existing apps.

However, to register one needs to pay a one-time fee of RS 1,009 OR RS1,297 with GST. Actually users are open to wings using any network connection from WI-FI, 3/4G connections. With all the extravagances video call are restricted to wings users only but open in all places in the country at no fee.

BSNL wings trying to beat WhatsApp and Jio chat

Wings app has become an official app though trial started early in the year 2015. This happening for Jio who are in the trial period to ensure they offer the best. Nonetheless, considering the two as big telecom giants we might take wings as the winner until Jio produces its product and makes a bang in the market. Jio launched a wifi hotspot modem named as Jiofi. Jiofi settings will be changing in jiofi.local.html website.

Jio chat app also plays the role of internet telephony where users can make audio call and video calls to any network. Just by downloading the app users don’t need any sim or wired connections. This acts as an alternative of Jio4G voice though with different features.

BSNL wings beats all apps from WhatsApp, skype and Jio chat by giving call without the need of sim card. This giving BSNL the upper hand and offering more features for the users. This has brought crushes in the telecom world as most of the telecom companies feel it a disadvantage to the business. More users opt for the VOIP over normal unlimited call thus taking companies at a loss.

However, telecom companies should embrace the new turn and come up with similar app to maintain clients and wove with the current world.

How to register for BSNL wings?

    • Go to the official website:
    • On the homepage register and make payments where the system will produce a 16- digit number sent to your email.
    • Provide your email address where an SMS will be sent
    • An authentication process of the Aadhaar will take place.
    • Now choose or enter your 10-digit number login to a link which will be provided and then activate the app.
  • Now download an app namely grandstream wave VOIP app which should then be configured.


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BSNL Wings
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