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How you can build social media presence in 2020

social media presence
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Do you want to grow your social media presence without having to pay for a single ad, follower, or like? Growing your presence on social media should not cost much, all that you need is a few tricks here and there for a strong presence social media presence capable of pushing your business brand to a different level. Getting your brand in front of them with BuyTrueFollowers can help you increase awareness. It is also a good way to get people talking about your business or products.

At this age, it is nearly impossible for a business brand to build its customer base and sales if it does not maintain a strong social media presence. But still, even with this known fact, many businesses find difficulties in establishing online presence because in most cases they underestimate its importance.

Having a strong social media speaks otherwise, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn growing social presence is the best way to steer your business forward. InternetMarketingRocks a renowned social media marketing company can get you to boost on social media platforms.

Here are a few tips to help you build your social media presence this year:-

Use social media tools to schedule your posts

To substantially boost your online presence, you need to continuously post something to keep your audience engaged. But often as a business owner you could be running busy schedules that don’t allow you to keep track of your posts regularly. To breach this gap, you can make use of social media tools to help you schedule social media posts at intervals throughout the day. This way you will keep your audience engaged which in turn will boost your presence

Know your customers

Before setting up your social media business account get to know your audience first. Knowing your audience includes, understanding their motivations, their preferences and most important what influences them most. Your customers can only identify with your brand if you offer them relevant content. And of course, you are only going to provide relevant content to your customers if you understand their preferences and tastes. 

Customize humanize your content

Social media is all about making social connections and relationships. This is not the place to showcase your faces corporation’s prowess but rather a place to create a personal bond with your prospects. Make your content as human as possible. In addition to this show the human side of your brand. This can be by replying to inquiries, cracking jokes when it is possible and more.

Use relevant hashtags for visibility

Hashtags have previously had a huge impact on twitter, but recently, this feature has been borrowed into other platforms as well. Hashtags are ideal when it comes to classifying your content for users. It is easier for a user to locate content when using hashtags. To effectively use this feature, your tags should emulate the trending topics. 

Keep track of your competition

Always keep an eye at your competitors, having facts about where you stand in relation to your competition helps you draw inspirations from them and know specifics areas that you will need to adjust to keep up with their pace. You will get incites on what, how or even when to post content.  

Lastly, it is estimated that there are over 2.23 billion Facebook users, 335 million users of twitter and a whopping 1 billion Instagram users. Leveraging on the power of these numbers means that you maintain a strong social media presence. Social media a powerful tool affording to stay at the peak can transform your business immensely.


In the end, I just want to say that social media is very important to boost your business and reach a worldwide audience. Every business, celebs, startups and upcoming artists show their talent on social media using posts and videos. Hiring any social media marketing company will help you reach the target audience. I hope all the points I made in this article is useful for all the people.



social media presence
YouTube Banner Ads HomePage
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