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5 Simple Steps to Book Your Perfect Car Rental for USA Road Trip

Car Rental for USA

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.” – Martin Buber

In the life of every wealthy traveller, eventually, there comes the need to hire a car. The rental itself is always preceded by doubt and inexperience. “There’s a lot of stress … but once you get in the car, all that goes out the window”, says Dan Brown. In this article, we will try to give step by step instructions of how to use the luxury car rental in USA.

In general, companies of luxury car rental USA insist on the drivers’ age to be no less than 25. Moreover, you must have an international driver’s license and a valid credit card.

Step 1. Decide on your pick-up and drop-off point

Before you start the path of booking a car, you should determine the point of getting and returning the car. You can rent a car both at the airport and at rental locations around the city. Choose the most convenient option. Consider that prices lower in the city or downtown locations, but the choice of cars is usually better at the airport. You should also remember that it is always cheaper to take and return cars in the same location.

Step 2. Choose a car

Alexandra Paul thinks, “The cars we drive say a lot about us”. So, next, you must think of the car class, its type, power of the engine and the amount of luggage you are going to bring with you. For instance, if there are about 2-4 people, the car should not be of a mini car rental class. As Izaak Walton says, “The longer the trip, the more comfortable the car should be”. Therefore, for a weeklong trip through the states, economy or compact cars are more suitable. If more than four adults travel, it is best to rent a minivan. In the case of using luxury rental in the USA, the level of comfort and prices are higher, but they are really worth it.

Step 3. Selecting additional options

In addition to the basic price of the car, the providers offer not always obligatory payments, which practically double the rental price. The most common payments are for:

  • an additional driver;
  • a child seat;
  • a GPS navigator;
  • one-way car rental (if you return the car in another place);
  • insurance.

You may wonder if it is better to take full insurance or simple. The opinions of the majority of tourists converge on full insurance. As a rule, with full car insurance, the franchise is seriously reduced, and sometimes it is zero.

Step 4. Choose a car rental company

The next stage and the most crucial is the choice of the rental company. To get luxury rental cars, USA proposes to apply to major international companies such as Hertz, AVIS, SIXT, Advantage, Budget, Alamo, Thrifty, National, Europcar, and others, as well as to small local companies such as Easycar or GoldCar. In addition, car rental services are engaged in brokers sites. It is possible to make full or partly prepayment.

When choosing a company, you need to find out what their rental conditions are. For instance, you do not need a network of offices for renting one company, if you are not going to move outside the region or city.

Step 5. Book a car online and enjoy the ride

While doing online booking you must receive a voucher on your email that you show the manager of Rental Company and upon arrival in the US, you will be waiting for your chosen luxury car.

“If you’re on a road trip, you need driving music”, says Edgar Wright, so make a playlist of the most suitable songs beforehand.


Carefully choose the rental office, based on your own needs. You should choose the car that suits both in class and engine power.  The route is better to begin and finish at one point. Various additional options need to be chosen deliberately and, if possible, use your personal GPS device. Before you sign your rental contract, carefully review the terms of insurance.

In the process of renting a car in the USA, there are no difficulties, but it should be approached seriously because of your safety and comfort during the journey depend on it. And, finally, Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey”, offers Babs Hoffman.


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