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Chic Ways To Store Your Bicycle Indoors

Bicycle Indoors
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City-dwellers may want to store bicycles indoors for security reasons. A growing number of bike brands and interior designers make stylish bike storage equipment. Here are some trendsetting ways to display a bike kept inside with a prominent presence and more subdued solutions for bikes and gear, such as a removable rear bike basket. Depending on your design preferences, you may want to browse hybrid bicycles for sale in colors that complement interior decor.

A Lighted Wall Display

Mounting a bike on the wall draws attention to your ride, which may be more appealing if you ride a vintage-style cruiser, electric bike, or a high-tech mountain or road bike. Any of these bikes may draw compliments from cycling aficionados and casual visitors alike. Some mounting systems also feature security solutions.

Displaying a bike prominently may motivate the owner and rider to keep it cleaned and well-maintained. Bikes can be shown to advantage in a lighted display that showcases each ride. If cycling plays a major part in your life and one or more bikes are your pride and joy, you may prefer a storage method that lends itself to showing off.

A Mount With Shelving

A bike mount paired with shelving can support a practical approach to the organization. Select a layout with just enough room for a helmet, gloves, and personal items or a more extensive set-up that makes it possible to work on bikes at the same location. Store cycling gear, tools, and supplies for maintenance or repair nearby for ease of access.

Some mounts that feature shelves support bikes by the frame or seat, depending on the design. Make sure that the dimensions of a mounting system correspond to the geometry of a bike. The angled top tube of a mountain bike or frame shape of a fat bike may determine compatible mounts. Some mounts may also be suitable for either adult or youth size bikes or bikes with certain wheel sizes.

A Unique Space Divider

A bike hanging from a wall will catch eyes, but a number of designers have come up with more stylish ways to store bikes. From furniture such as sofas and desks integrated with bike stands to shelves and stalls that support and display bikes, many storage options are available. Some racks are free-standing while other supports must be secured to a wall or ceiling. If space is limited, a hanging system could be the best way to keep floor space free while suspending bikes and gear on one storage system.

Whether you want to show off your favorite rides or keep a commuter or recreational bike safe and secure indoors without detracting from interior decor, any of these storage methods could be the right solution. Make sure a mounting system corresponds to the geometry of the bikes you need to store. The size or weight of a bike should not exceed the capacity of a mounting system or building materials. With careful planning and precise measurements, you can find the most stylish way to store one or more bikes in any space.


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Bicycle Indoors
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