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How to Keep Your Child Safe While Enjoying the Fresh Air on Your Terrace?

Child Safe

A large garden by the house in the countryside means unlimited entertainment opportunities for your children. What about those who live in the city?

Parents who only have a balcony instead of a garden shouldn’t worry. You can design and construct a perfect place to spend time outdoors even when you have limited space. All you need is a proper arrangement of the chosen space and proper adjustments to the child’s age as well as the size and abilities of your terrace. It will be a perfect place for the days when you simply cannot allow yourself to go for a walk to the forest or a nearby river, but you would like your children to spend their time outside. How to solve the problem of a small space and plan a safe environment?

No restrictions to your imagination

Parents who have only a little balcony can have a great arrangement of the space. You can fill in the area with folded mats, furniture or toys. They are easily available in most supermarkets. These accessories are perfect to use in a small area. As you see, the lack of a terrace or balcony is not a problem whatsoever. The only difficulty can occur when you don’t have a clue on how to design and furnish your child’s corner. What should you pay attention to when every centimetre counts? The terrace where your children will play should be furnished in an attractive and safe way.

Here are some tips on how to decorate a space that both adults and their kids will be happy with.

Ways to ensure security:

  • When you have children it’s worth to equip the terrace with a fence that will be high enough for the height of your kids. It won’t allow them to leave the play area. A child could fall out of the terrace and hurt themselves, even if they are looked after by adults.
  • Another important thing is the surface which shouldn’t be slippery. Composite building timber is easy to clean so you can quickly remove dirt that could interfere with the fun and safety.
  • If you have enough space for hanging hammocks or swings, you need to make sure that the construction of the ceiling and walls will be able to withstand it. You also have to make sure that you’re using proper hooks and of course, fix them the right way.
  • Don’t underestimate the sun. Sunburns can be prevented by installing awnings or shades. If you’re looking for some cheap awnings, make sure that you choose the ones that have the best quality for maximum protection.
  • The terrace shouldn’t have too much furniture. A curious toddler could get hit by sharp edges. It is crucial to ensure that the facilities on the terrace have mild edges.
  • Parents also need to ensure that the child doesn’t get close to any poisonous plants. If they are found on the terrace or in its vicinity, a curious kid could try to eat one of them.

Ideas to arrange a tiny space

A terrace should be well prepared for the age and interests of children. This should be a chance for them to explore their creativity and spend some quality time. As it turns out, even the smallest terrace space arranged in a safe way will guarantee great fun outdoors. The best creative games and fun activities that your child will enjoy outside are:

  • painting and drawing with paints, water, chalk on canvas;
  • water games – regular bowls in the creation of various types of  garden water walls;
  • playing with natural materials, for example, cones, sticks, stones, acorns, and leaves.

Of course, you can choose to play some board games, add a racetrack or dollhouse. Everything is possible if you really want it, and you’re limited only by your imagination.


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