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Five Ways to Make Your College Essay Stand Out

College Essay

Writing an essay in college is a whole different ball game from your compositions in high school; as much as the basic tenets of essay writing remain the same. Your college paper writing should be more engaging and unique. Writing at this stage is more competitive and therefore requires the skills and know-how to stand above the rest. We shall share with you five ways to make your college essay stand out.

  • Write an attention-grabbing opener

The first paragraph must be written with the sole purpose of grabbing the attention of the reader. Capture the interest lecturer by writing an opener to captivate them and get them interested in reading the rest of the work.

  • Some techniques of grabbing your reader’s attention are:
  • Posing a question at the beginning.
  • Pen off with a bold statement.
  • Open with a quote.
  • Get the reader interested by addressing them directly.
  • Inform the reader about what you will not have in your essay.

College paper writing should be entertaining and informative at the same time; your writing should be natural but unique in content and delivery.

  • Keep your writing clear and simple

The best essays are simple to read and understand with a clear storyline and direction. Do put yourself under so much pressure to write a classic. Winning essays are premised on simple ideas and topics. Do not let the pressure to prove yourself and the urge to shine take away focus from your writing. Keep the storyline clear and logical.

Avoid usage of phrases and words that you do not have a grasp of because they could be out of context; very complex vocabulary should also be left out of your writing. Always revise your essay as if it is not your writing to ascertain if it makes sense, well organized, and if you transition well.

  • Do not digress

An essay is only relevant and endearing if it sticks to the subject matter. Ensure that you do not digress from the topic at hand by always remind yourself of the subject matter. Every sentence you string should make lead back to the topic and support the viewpoint.

The trick to sticking to the topic is to pause after every paragraph and review if the completed paragraph relates to the topic and how it has added to it.

  • Correct grammar, punctuation, and structure

At the end of the day, an essay is an about correct language which boils down to the grammar and punctuation of the writer. This is about how proper your writings- ensure that you have the spellings right, the formatting should be well done with the correct font and titling, and punctuation must be on point. 

Paragraphs should not be too long, three to four sentences per paragraph will do and the spacing should be well done for easy readability. In an essay writing, you should take help of  Grammarly premium free trial, which is a good online grammar checker tool which allows us to check & fix grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes because essay with a lot of mistakes are hard to read and can lead to a loss of interest for the reader. 

  • Look at the topic from a different perspective

Always look to write any topic from a different perspective which is a sure way of making your essay to stand out. Try to stay away from the obvious and expected, surprise the reader with a different point of view of the same topic.

If say the subject or topic is climate change, it is likely that most people will write about the destruction it is causing and the negative aspects of it. How about writing about the benefits of climate change if there are? It is the last thing the reader will expect and is sure to set you apart.


It is important that you have a strong closing to your essay. Just like your opener must grab the reader’s attention, your closing should be embedded in the reader’s mind to keep them thinking about your story.

Do a brief recap of the most important points in your story and make the closing remark memorable. Appeal to the reader’s emotions so that they can remember your story after. More importantly, be yourself– do not try to write like someone else. Get more college paper writing tips and insights at


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