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Steps to Take Control of Your Mind and Be the Master of Your Mind

Control of Your Mind

Humans are ruling the planet earth by virtue of their mind. Control of Your Mind, Our mind is the controller of our body. Our mind consists of three parts, conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind. When we think knowingly that is our conscious mind and uncontrolled thoughts that came into our mind in the form of images and voices is our subconscious mind. And our body movement is controlled by the unconscious mind. All the raw data from our environment since childhood, play a role to form our thoughts. Our values are determined by the acts of our parents.

Our mind sometimes plays games with us. It contradicts with our will to do things. We fell into procrastination and daydreaming. And hence the result is wastage of ample time. Can we aster the mind? This is a million dollar question. And the answer is that, yes we can. It is simple. It is possible in some steps. It is a process. If you follow all these steps, you can be a master of your mind. So don’t go anywhere, just keep reading. Here are these steps.

Step 1: Listen to Your Thoughts and Acknowledge Them

Control of Your Mind is constantly in conversation with you. Most of the times you do not care to reply to your mind. If you want to control your mind so that you may not become distressed and get into depression, then you need to talk to your mind.

First, listen to the thoughts then give back the answer. For example, if a thought comes in your mind about losing your job then acknowledge the fact that you can lose your job but you can get another job or may find new economic opportunities.

Give your thoughts a positive direction. Thoughts of death, scarcity, loss, potential damage, rivalry, and all negative thoughts come to all humans but those who turn them into some positive image and understand them, master them. Never dwell on raw thoughts, make them reach their final point and then bury them. When you do that you will not become depressed.

Step 2: Do Not Fight with Your Mind

All negative thoughts come in Control of Your Mind due to some unpleasant experience. When forcibly try to change your thoughts then the thoughts repeat their occurrence frequently. Do not argue or fight your thoughts. Make them peaceful. Peacefully you can turn them into something positive. If you remain in a constant battle with your thoughts, rejecting thoughts, complaining thoughts then how can you work productively?

Set a peace accord with your thoughts and when you do that they will not hinder you at work. Your concentration will not flatter when you have a peaceful mind. In reality, we consciously indulge in a battle with our thoughts. This battle is fatal for our happiness, our good being, our health, and our progress. Let your mind win that battle and sign a peace treaty with your mind and make progress towards something new.

Step 3: Understand That “Thoughts Are Only Thoughts”

Our thoughts pass through our mind. These are mental events, what we read, what we saw, what we watched on TV, what we listened. You can accept your thoughts or reject them. It will always in your control. You can ignore a hard fact and accept a vague argument. It’s all in your mind. Thoughts are material less. You must realize that your thoughts are just thoughts. Do not put weight on one single thought. If you do so then you have an irritating voice that will make waves in your mind and make you suffer from depression and cost you your health and well-being.

For a happy mind, thoughts come by and pass by. If you make them stop they become a burden to bear. Consider your thoughts only-one-time occurrence.

Step 4: Observe Your Mind

You need to observe your mind. What thoughts you have when you wake up, while cleaning yourself, while taking breakfast, while commuting to work, while working, while being with other people. When you observe these thoughts then you find the root cause of these thought’s problems. Most of them are past worries over thought by yourself. And the remaining will be unsolved problems of yours. Once you have observed that then you can master their voice and in the future, they will not command you. You will command them where they must go.

Step 5: Train Your Mind

Once you have observed your thoughts and found the root causes then train your mind to think different. To think positive. To focus on something. The new thinking can be your plan for future prosperity. Your new steps to improve your relationships. The training of your mind will bring you freedom from the chains of your old thoughts. You need to take out some time to rewire your brain.

Step 6: Sympathies with Your Self

Practice sympathy with yourself. Let your worries go out from your vision. Console yourself on events that have happened to you. Tell yourself that it is ok that what happened has happened now it will not damage myself. I will not worry more about past events. Let your fears be gone. Sit with yourself once in a day and advice yourself. Just mere advice will be effective. You will start taking control of your thoughts.

All the above-mentioned steps are helpful toMaster the Mind.” If you become sincere with yourself. Ask yourself to give full effort to advise yourself. Making self-accountability your habit. Treating your mind as a friend, not an enemy. Realizing that indulging in thoughts of fear, loss, tragedies, awful memories, and procrastination is a total waste of time and energy. When you take the time to observe your mind and think about training it to be beneficial. You have covered a step to master your mind.

These were some of the things that everybody should do to his Control of Your Mind to live a happy life. For more information, please follow us and get connected our latest blogs and articles to know yourself better.


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