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7 Insider Tips for Creating a Stunning Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

A lot goes into creating a wonderful product for your brand. You spend endless nights thinking about the design, coming up with viable solutions and technologies that can be put to use, finding the right people for the job, innovating, developing, testing, going back to making changes, and so on. But nobody knows what you’ve created until you go ahead and market it. Marketing is the reason your customers know that you exist. It helps you reach out to your customers and drive them to purchase your product.

But, marketing has different forms and kinds. You can write essays about your products and nobody is going to read them. Not only is text a boring way to market products but also not compelling enough for the customer to go through it. Only if there was a way that you could explain your videos in a subtle and impressive manner, that kept the customer engaged and moved them to make a purchase from your brand.

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Welcome to the world of explainer videos, videos that you can use to explain your products to your customers in a span of 60 to 90 seconds. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

Explainer videos can help you get your message across your customers more effectively. They explain your products to the right audience without taking a lot of their time. For the audience, it is obviously a preferred way of knowing about your product because videos are far more impressive and engaging than monotonous blocks of texts.

Creating explainer videos can be one of the best decisions for your products, but it can also be tricky. For this reason, it is best that you spend time strategizing and defining your goals precisely. But. don’t worry, if you are finding it hard to get started. We’ve gone ahead and compiled 7 awesome tips to edit videos online.

1. Focus on Your Script

Just because it is a 90-second video and not a full-length motion picture, it doesn’t mean that you can neglect the script. Write a good script and ensure that it is executed well in the video. Script forms the foundation of your video that has the power to make or break the impact of your product. Maybe you can hire some person to write a script for you so that they understand it from the perspective of a new person being introduced to your brand. Create a strong pitch and highlight the takeaways that your customers would go home with.

2. Make it Short and Crisp

Your explainer video doesn’t have to be minutes long. The more time you take the more boring it gets. Moreover, you must learn to respect your customer’s time and efforts. For this reason, create a short and crisp video that conveys your message effectively to your audience.

Going by the typical rule of thumb, you can have as many as 150 words per minute which are like the normal reading pace and gives you enough time to sink in all the information. Remember that the longer your video is, the less will people pay attention to it. Create stunning videos online by using a professional video maker like InVideo.

3. Keep it Minimalistic

The best part of an explainer video is that you don’t have to go out and out explaining every nuance of your product. Just focus on generating anticipation and keeping the customer engaged. One the customer finds it relevant, they will be drawn to know more about it and get in touch with your brand. Start bu highlighting the problem that your product is willing to solve and then go onto providing a solution and focusing on how exactly does your product work. Don’t forget to add a call to action link for the best results.

4. Highlight the Benefits

There is a close distinction between the benefits and features of the products. Since you’re creating a product you must be tempted to show off all features of the product at once. But, understand that it will seldom create an impact on the customer. Make sure you highlight the benefits effectively.

5. Use a Professional Voice

Your video should not sound like a meme video that someone came across while browsing Youtube. Make sure that you add a professional voice in your video to make it sound compelling and effective.

6. Add Professional-looking Visuals

Visuals can make all the difference to your explainer video. Get a professional photo shoot or video shoot done for your product before you add anything to your explainer video. Use simple but appealing visuals and pay attention to the colors, since they must align with the proposition of your brand.

7. Use Music Wisely

The right kind of music can create an impressive impact on the customer. If you’re planning to use a track, pick it wisely in a way that it complements the benefits of your product.

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