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The History and Culture of Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone necklace is a beautiful gemstone with a very gorgeous blue tone. The beauty of the necklace is enough to make him comparable to the sapphire in one of the world’s top five gemstones. If not specifically stated, most of the value of it in a jewelry store may be treated as a sapphire, so it has been living in the shadow of sapphire for a long time.  

Like sapphire, it is an expensive gemstone with very close blue gems. The saturation of the color is like a deep blue tone and a similar degree of transparency is almost the same. Although birthstone necklace has indeed won numerous praises since its discovery, the vast majority of praise is not for its own reasons. So the embarrassing situation has lasted for almost forty years.

What is the history and culture of the birthstone necklace?

Birthstone necklace was produced in the Kilimanjaro region of Africa. It was discovered by a child of the local tribe. He discovered some beautiful blue crystals when he was passing through the grass and then wise nomads collected them to the market to sell. Therefore, the home of the child who discovered the spar was called Tanzanite, which showed that this was the origin of the name of the birthstone necklace. The news of unclear blue crystals was gradually spread to the infinity necklace brand Tiffany & Co. Tiffany quickly transported them from the Tanzanian prairie to the bustling core commercial street in New York, USA. They were designed, honed and inlaid and presented at the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book jewelry collection. On the release, they were surrounded by dazzling spotlights and flashlights. It seemed that the shining light of the birthstone necklace had been noticed by everyone, and since then the birthstone necklace has begun to move towards its own stage.

Why is liked so much

Perhaps in everyone’s impression, it’s a beautiful gemstone with a very rich blue hue, which has a little purple tone that has become the most unique symbol of birthstone necklace. However, most of the beautiful colors are obtained through artificial optimization in the later stage. In fact, birthstone necklace is a kind of gemstone which belongs to vanadium-containing stone, which tone has blue, brown, purple, pink, yellow-green, yellow and green colors.

Do you know the true color of the birthstone necklace?

About 99% of the birthstone on the market are optimized for heating. If it is heated to 650 degrees Celsius, the vanadium element inside will change, which will make the brown birthstone turn into a uniform blue tone, so most of the stone is heated to remove color such as brown and yellow or green. In addition, the color of the birthstone necklace will become more stable after heating. In fact, the optimization of heating is extremely common, because of the heat treatment, it can lead to the glamorous color of the beautiful stone plug and ochre of the birthstone necklace. The main reason is that the vanadium element contained in the birthstone necklace component has a change of price after heating. Then the heated and unheated does not have too obvious chemical and result differences, and it is more stable after heat treatment, so it is accepted by people because the heat treatment method is natural.

Birthstone necklace type

It is a type of zoi stone that ups to the grade of gems, and a legendary development in the gemstone world to discover it. When this gem is being discovered, it is only used as a substitute for sapphire, but the value is not as expensive as sapphire. This has led many people to ignore the charm itself, so this embarrassing situation has allowed depositing in the gem market for a long time.

Charms and market potential

Later, with the fiery gems, people began to gradually realize the charm and the potential of its value. Gradually the major jewelers also began to promote the birthstone necklace, in order to make in the market to show its value. What kind of factor is it that jewelers have re-recognized its the charm? This is because the origin of the necklace is almost concentrated in the Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. The scarcity of the necklace makes it have a very high-value space. But today, the deep blue tone birthstone necklaces that people see in the Personalized 6 Names Infinity Symbol Necklace have been optimized after heating and price is also rising.


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Birthstone Necklace
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