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Photo Tiles, Framed Fabric, and Washi Tape: 10 Easy DIY Wall Décor Ideas for Your House

DIY home décor ideas

Home décor is something that people not only love to buy but enjoy creating by themselves. There are a lot of advantages of DIY home décor, and one of them is that it saves you a lot of money. If you are looking for interesting décor ideas for your home, we have something special for you.

Here are 10 best DIY home décor ideas that you can use in your home. These ideas will look good in any room and can be done easily by anyone who is on a budget.

1. Framed Scarves or Cloth Pieces

If you want to buy a piece of art and cannot afford it, you can create it by yourself. Go to the garage sale and pick out the best-looking scarf. Take this scarf and put it in a beautiful frame and then use it in your wall décor. You will be amazed how beautiful it will look and nobody will be able to make out that it is actually a scarf and not a beautiful art piece.

2. Washi Tape

Washi tape can be really useful if you want to create interesting patterns in your room. Buy different-colored washi tape and use it to make a pattern on your wall. – wall photo tiles app tape is easy to stick on the walls, and you will have no problem with removing it later. So, fill the entire wall with the washi ta pieces if you want.

3. Photo Tiles

Photo tiles are another wall décor product that can be used to enhance the look of your walls. You can create them by yourself using some cardboard, or you can use Wallpics. These are stick on tiles, which can be stuck easily and removed when needed. You can easily get some photo tiles printed through the app and then use them in your room. You can create an entire gallery with the help of these photo tiles. The cost of a set of 3 photo tiles at is just $35, and if you will order additional tiles, they will cost you $9 each. Many people already tried Wallpics to confirm the quality of photo tiles and got amazing results. The quality of Wallpics tiles is stunning, so your memories will be displayed perfectly. Go ahead, choose your best photos and order some Wallpics for your house!

4. Chalkboard Portraits

Chalkboards are not just for studying Canvas Photo Tiles. They can also be used in home décor. Take small pieces of chalkboard and fix them on the walls at an equal distance. Now get creative and use chalk to make designs on these little chalkboards. Make portraits of people and animals create patterns or anything that you like. If you want to change the design, just wipe the chalk away with a wet cloth and draw something else.

5. Hanging Pictures

Hanging photo frames on the walls is a common practice. However, do you know that hanging printed photo scan also look stylish and beautiful? Take a few clothespins and paint the min white color. Take some Polaroids and some threads. You can use wool of different colors. Now attach the photos to the woolen thread and secure them with a clothespin. Now hang this beautiful piece on your wall and make it look beautiful.

6. Making Display with Shoe Boxes

Why throw away your shoeboxes when you can use them in creating beautiful displays. Take the shoeboxes and color them in different shades. Hang these shoeboxes instead of shelves and place some decoration items such as vases or art pieces on them.

7. Reutilizing the Old Furniture Pieces

Most of the people throw away the old furniture pieces that are not in use anymore. You should avoid doing this. Just take the old pieces of furniture and paint them in the colors you want. Now use these as photo frames or wall display boxes and place different decorative items on them. They can also be used to create racks for the plants.

8. Mirror Display

Mirror display is another thing that can make your room look amazing. There are a lot of advantages of using mirrors in your room wall photo tiles download. The most obvious advantage is that the mirror makes the room look much bigger since it reflects the light. You can even use old mirrors infrared frames to give a rustic look to your room.

9. Toilet Paper Rolls

Do you have some printed pictures that you want to get framed? Save some money by using the cardboard from the toilet paper rolls as the frame for your pictures. You can cut and shape it into various forms and create frames of different sizes. Place these pictures in the frames you have created and filled the empty and boring walls.

10. Picture Wall Clock

This is a really interesting idea which you can use in all the rooms of your house. The color of the wall also doesn’t matter. All you need is a set of some Polaroid photos and the arms of a clock. Now, arrange 12 Polaroid on the wall in a circle so that they depict the numbers of the clock. Put the hands, clockwork, and battery in the center. There it is, your DIY clock has been created. You can also use small-sized photo tiles that you can get at in creating this clock.

Final Words:

These are some of the ideas that you can use to give a DIY makeover to your home. These decorations require only some readily available products and some of your time. One of the most convenient and cheap options for home decoration are wall photo tiles frame. These photo tiles can give your home an amazing makeover.


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DIY home décor ideas
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