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Doctor Who Quotes to Help You Live Your Best Life

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Most people do not like going to the hospital, be it for a routine checkup, recurrent headaches, backaches, or any other symptoms they may be experiencing. This is usually due to the perceived notion that doctors and physicians ‘find things’ which is rather discouraging especially if you feel fine and are only going for a routine medical checkup. Upon reaching the hospital, good handling from the hospital staff including the consultants usually plays a big role in doing away with this kind of attitude and making you feel at ease and home.

“As a caregiver, you see selfless acts everyday.”

Here are some of the qualities of a good doctor that can assist in improving your health and your hospital experience at large.


Compassion refers to being able to identify with the pain and suffering of others and putting yourself in their shoes. A compassionate doctor can easily understand what you are experiencing based on their analysis and your explanations of the issue at hand. It is worth noting that not all people are predisposed to being compassionate. However, it is a quality that can be developed in anyone, over time.


An understanding doctor is one who appreciates their patient’s knowledge and can act accordingly. When a doctor writes a recommendation, they want their patients to be able to understand them, when and how to take their medication, benefits, risks and side effects of that medication, and the dangers and expected outcomes of procedures among others. In the same vein, as a patient explains what they’re experiencing, a good doctor should be able to understand and know exactly or have a pretty good idea of what they are saying.


Being able to understand share the emotions of others is one of the things that makes doctors like Dr Felix reputable doctors. In fact, according to researchers, doctors who display empathic non-verbal behavior like eye contact and smiling were perceived as both competent and warmer.


Being able to always tell the truth to your patient with genuine care and concern is one of the most important qualities of a good doctor. Some doctors tend to avoid telling the truth to their patients either to avoid upsetting them or causing them to lose hope which, in some cases, maybe counterproductive.


Most physicians meet the basic competence threshold due to a rigorous system of licensure in most countries which ensures that most of the physicians have at least a minimum basic level of knowledge. Even so, there exist significant variations in capability and clinical judgment in many physicians. Providing good care implies keeping abreast of the best possible care to provide.

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.”― Norman Cousins


Finding good doctors like Dr. Felix is not an easy task. Analyzing all the aforementioned qualities alongside other defining ones like how courageous they are in undertaking their duties, whether they inspire patients with their optimism, and whether they respect their patients can prove to be a rather daunting task. As a patient, you can rely on referrals from friends or even colleagues to assist you in identifying good doctors.

Doctor Quotes Images
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