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Easy Ways to Write A Cancellation Letter

Cancellation Letter

A cancellation letter is basically the letter that is used to communicate the news of canceling any kind of contractual agreement/order/meeting or the services etc. This letter is used both in the formal and the informal manner as well across the business and other domains. 

It is a very important letter that communicates the important news of cancellation to the other party so that there can be clarity between both parties regarding the concerned subject matter. 

For instance, if there has been placed an order from the buyer to the supplier for the purchase of the material and then later on due to any reason the buyer wants to cancel the order then this is when the cancellation letter is used. 

In a similar manner, this letter can be used across the other domains and this is the reason, which makes it a very significant letter. It is considered to be the professional document in the spirit of business which is formally used so that the cancellation subject matter can be sorted and communicated in a gentle manner.

So, if you are looking forward to writing the cancellation letter for your own self to cancel any kind of agreement or the orders etc and you need a guide to get started with this letter then we would help you with it. 

Here below are some of our tips which would assist you in writing this letter very easily.

Hypothetically we are assuming here the letter of cancellation for canceling the order placed.

  • On the top left side of the letter you should write down the date of the letter and then below it you can write the name and the complete address of the company.
  • You can attach the subject matter field in the letter to make the motive of the letter clear.
  • Then in the salutation part, you need to address the head of the company which executes the order of the company.
  • Now come to the main body of the letter and there you just need to state it politely that you want to cancel the concerned order of yours with the company.
  • Provide the full information in the letter regarding the order so that it can be easily processed.
  • Make it clear to the company that you no longer want your order to be executed and there would be no payment on your behalf to the company for the same order.
  • If there is any payment pending yet to the company on your side then you can attach the cheque for the same payment.
  • You need to grant some time to the company to begin the cancellation process for your order.
  • At last, you just need to be thankful to the company for the cancellation of your order and show your regrets of the order being canceled like that but become hopeful for the future deals with the company.
  • Now you just need to end the letter with your official signature so that your identity can be made clear.

So, this is how you can easily write this cancellation letter and for your reference, more samples are available for this cancellation letter, which will provide you with an insight into writing this letter easily.


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