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7 Fantastic Reasons to Try Escape and Mystery Rooms

Escape Room

The average escape room brought in an estimated revenue of $317,571!

But if you haven’t tried a puzzle room for yourself, you might not understand what all of the fuss is about. This may just change your mind.

Keep reading for seven reasons why you should check out escape and mystery rooms!

1. You Won’t Have to Travel Far

Since the escape room craze reached its peak, mystery experiences are popping up everywhere from shopping centers to malls and old big box stores.

That’s great news for you! It means you can find a convenient location close to home, so you don’t have to plan your day around visiting an escape experience.

2. There’s a Room Theme for Everyone

Whether you’re into James Bond-style espionage thrillers, haunted houses, Agatha Christie novels, superheroes or more, there’s a mystery room out there that caters to your taste.

Breakout Escape Room, for instance, offers a half-dozen unique themed experiences for guests of all ages. Everyone is sure to find something to love at your local escape room.

3. They Test Your Communication Skills

They say you never know someone until you see them under pressure. And nothing says pressure quite like time-constrained puzzles.

Mystery rooms force participants to adapt to one another’s communication styles to solve the main puzzle. This makes escape rooms a great choice for date nights, teambuilding exercises, and family get-togethers.

4. They’re Good for Your Brain

Did you know that our brains change as we age? By the time we’re elderly, our brains shrink, making it difficult to recall basic facts, learn, and even perform basic motor functions.

However, some medical experts believe that regular mental stimulation, like puzzle-solving, can hold back the hands of time and keep our brains as sharp as ever. Regular activity can even aid those with cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

5. You’ll Work up a Sweat

Who said exercise has to be boring?

Mystery rooms give your brain a nice workout, to be sure. And since you’ll have to dart around the room to solve puzzles in time, a trip to your local escape room can be as fun and beneficial as a trip to your local gym!

6. It’s a Fun Way to Boost Your Confidence

It’s always nice to feel like you’re contributing. And whether your strength is math, logic, or just noticing the small things, everyone has a role to play in an escape room.

Plus, let’s be honest, the idea of escaping the room with time still on the clock is a nice little ego boost.

7. It’s an Easy Way to Bond

Escape rooms are a fun way to bring people together, whether they’ve known each other for years or they’re strangers. Solving puzzles, shouting out solutions, and working together can do wonders to strengthen our connections with one another.

By the time you head home, you’ll have shared an experience like no other.

Do You Have What It Takes to Conquer Mystery Rooms?

Mystery rooms are a ton of fun, whether you’re looking to complete them with your friends, coworkers, partner, or even strangers. If you’ve yet to experience the fun for yourself, make sure to seek out an escape experience near you.

And don’t forget to check back with our blog for even more great content.


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