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Top 5 Essentials When Going on a Honeymoon

When Going on a Honeymoon

Wedding is not only the most memorable day that can happen to a couple. What’s next after the wedding? Of course, it’s time for the honeymoon that every couple won’t surely want to miss! With the different honeymoon themes and ideas, couples will often choose the most romantic that would best fit their taste. 

The planning of your honeymoon should not only focus on the place where you’ll celebrate, but you should also consider packing your baggage that contains all the things that you need for your honeymoon. 

So whether you set up your honeymoon to a place near you, may it be for two nights or one week, it would be very essential to keep all your basic necessities intact in your baggage. This way, you can be sure that you are not missing anything! But what are really the things you need when going on a honeymoon? It’s simple darling, you don’t have to stress yourself about it!

You can right away check and find out the top five essentials you should bring with you! 

#1. Cellphone Camera

You might be asking yourself by now, why cellphone comes first on our list? Well, your honeymoon should be something very memorable for you and your partner and what technology can help you capture every moment? Yes, it’s your cellphone camera. We recommend you to use a cellphone instead of digital cameras since cellphones are now installed with features which are more convenient for you to capture, delete, and share pictures instantly!

If in case you’re on the top of a mountain or on the beach, your phone is handy enough for a quick photo shoot. Additionally, you can adjust or edit your photos with different editing apps, so you can be sure that what you’ll be uploading on the internet is worth a thousand views and love reactions. 

Stil, you should remember that not only can your photos reveal your location, the metadata the photos contain can also do the same. So avoid publishing those photos until you have returned from your honeymoon. Otherwise, you risk nefarious individuals possibly realizing your house is empty for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, bring a phone case with stand for stability, in case you don’t have any choice but to place your phone on the rocks or on the sand for a perfect photo with your partner.

#2. Money, Credit Cards, Passports

You should bring with you your money, credit cards, and passports to avoid further delay. Make sure to keep them intact in a purse for you to easily access if you need to. Passports will also help you justify the information needed if you have to undergo places who are strict with their tourists. 

Furthermore, we advise you to bring cold cash just in case you don’t own any credit cards. This way, you can easily exchange them with different currencies around the world. 

#3. Lingerie and Comfy Travel Clothes

You are having your honeymoon to celebrate the love you both share with your partner. So when we talk about the honeymoon, steamy days and nights are all part of the plan. How can you make things steamier than ever? Well, you should bring some lingeries with you girl! This will not only captivate your partner but will also intensify the burning love and desire you have for each other.

Additionally, bringing some comfy clothes, slippers, and shoes with you to make traveling a breeze!

Always remember that the number of your clothes and shoes will vary in the length of days that you’ll spend on your honeymoon. So, it is important that you choose to bring with you the clothes that are worthy to be worn for some honeymoon pictures

#4. Toiletries

You probably know that you can just buy some toiletries at the place where you’ll have your honeymoon, most especially at hotels who offers them for free. However, the type of toiletries you’re used to might not be the same as the ones offered to you. And this is what makes toiletries essential to bring for your honeymoon!

You can right away pack your toiletries that includes hygiene products in a small bag. Furthermore, you should not forget the aromatic perfumes plus the sunblock, in case you will have to experience extreme activities during your honeymoon. 

#5. Med Kit

When traveling for several days, it’s essential to keep you and your partner armed and ready! For example, if your partner is asthmatic, you should not forget to bring their meds just in case they will experience an asthma attack while you’re on the road. This will allow you to fully enjoy your honeymoon doing your planned activities. 

Furthermore, you should include tampons, band-aids, oil ointment, and more in your med kit to remove every worry on your mind the moment you have to start traveling for your honeymoon


Now that you have finally read the 5 essential things that you have to include in your packing list for your upcoming honeymoon, you can be confident enough to enjoy your first honeymoon together! Don’t let stress consume you, bring everything we’ve listed above!


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