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How to Get Your Best from the Family Trip to India

Family Trip to India

When choosing your next holiday destination, you might think that your choices are rather limited because you have children now. You have always dreamt about standing face to face with the Komodo Dragon.  Since you were a child, you had a keen interest in everything reptilian.

A trip to Indonesia would truly be a godsend. They say that you shouldn’t abandon your dreams, but it is important to be at least somewhat reasonable. If you are unable to subdue your thirst for adventure, but would rather keep your children safe, it’s best to find something in between. When faced with this dilemma, India might be the best choice. The sheer variety of everything that it offers may seem intimidating, but with careful planning, it’s possible to suit everyone’s interests. In order to ensure that your trip goes smoothly, you should remember several rules. It is absolutely worth it, as your children will be left with some truly memorable memories!  

Food from Street Vendors

That’s a big one. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get sick after eating food from street vendors. It is rarely fresh and is oftentimes kept in unsanitary conditions. It is a better idea to choose local restaurants that are full of locals, which ensures that the food is good. If you want to celebrate someone’s birthday or a different kind of anniversary, contact a local bakery and cake delivery service. Indian bakeries definitely provided with one of the best birthday cakes in the world! 

The Spiciness

Although you may enjoy spicy food, you will soon discover that the level of spiciness preferred by the locals may exceed the one that you are accustomed to. You will probably be just fine, but the more important question is – are your kids okay with spicy food? If not, it is better to dine in restaurants for tourists, as their offer will be more diverse. While in India, you may decide to stick mostly to fruits and vegetables. It is undeniably healthy, but remember to clean them with clean water. This leads to…

Water Quality

It’s best to drink only bottled water. Water quality varies and it is best to avoid drinking the water from the tap. It most probably won’t be completely clean, which may lead to unforeseen health problems, especially for the kids, whose immune system isn’t as developed. Consider investing in a water purifier. Indian food is often hard to digest, which is why it’s important to drink a lot of hot drinks, like coffee and tea. 

The Traffic

You must prepare yourself – once you arrive in India, the traffic will be pretty bad. The traffic signs are considered here to be more of a suggestion than a rule. It can be especially frustrating in bigger cities. While using public transportation is the best option, it will be jam-packed. Don’t stress if you won’t be able to follow every detail of the itinerary – you must accept that some things are out of your control. 

Places to Visit

Having to choose which places to visit will be a challenging task. There is a multitude of different cultures, languages, and religions. Nature is extremely varied here as well, while different parts of India have a different climate. Below you will find the most exciting and family-friendly festivals in India to visit.

Holi Festival

This festival is the most suitable for children. It celebrates the arrival of spring and the rebirth of nature. People will light up bonfires and laugh. And spray colors on each other. There could not be anything that would bring more joy to children than partaking in this ancient festival. It is more and more common to organize imitative festivals all over the world, but witnessing it in the place of its origin will be an experience that you and your entire family won’t ever forget.

Diwali Festival

It is also known as the  “festival of lights”. People of all races and religions illuminate buildings with hundreds of lights, as a symbol of light’s victory over darkness. It is a festival of unity, with members belonging to different castes rejoicing together. There are also firework shows. And taking into consideration Hindus natural fondness of spicy foods, a surprising amount of sweets. Your children will love it, and so will you!

Krishna Janmashtami

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the skill of the acrobats which will do their absolute best to celebrate the birth of Krishna, engaging in breath-taking feats, such as creating human pyramids. No need to worry about the safety of the performers – before they publicly display their excellent physical shape, they spend many days beforehand training.

It is a very joyful festival. There are also street dances that present the stories from Krishna’s life. 

Raksha Bandhan

Do you have a boy and a girl? This festival celebrates the special bond between siblings. Brothers and sisters swear oaths to protect one another from evil, be it from evil spirits or physical threats. Your kids don’t have to go as far. In an increasingly individualistic society, it is great to show them the importance of carrying about your closest ones. Participation in this festival can assist you in cultivating important values in your children!

Ganesha Chaturthi

Do you sometimes regret choosing the career of an accountant over that of a sculptor? Make sure that your kids don’t repeat your mistake! During this festival, members of different religions make idols out of metal and clay, of varying sizes, which are then carried in a procession and then submerged in a body of water. The procession is accompanied by music and athletic competitions. The multitude of attractions will ensure that no one is bored!

All Good Things Come to an End:

When you return home with your family, it will take some time for you to adjust to your everyday life. From time to time, you may still feel the weird urge to dance while you are outside, and there is at least one person nearby who you think is willing to join you. Don’t worry; it will pass, just like this voice inside your head, insisting on adding some spicy pepper too, well, everything. Hopefully, this trip will leave a lasting effect on your life. India is full of different cultures, each one of them carrying a knowledge that can be applied to your life. You can try to spread this newfound wisdom around!

Family Trip to India
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