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Tips and Advice for Managing a Large Team while Facing Financial Stress

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Managing a large team may be easy for quite a few people. It is a difficult task not meant for everyone. It takes leadership traits and skills to do so. Much more if a leader is concurrently facing personal problems particularly financial stress. Handling people plus handling money matters equals tremendous headache. This blog is intended to give you insights on how to manage teams despite hurdling financial problems. Hope you learn more when you look here.   

Be Aware of Your Distinctive Role

Being a leader, you are faced with a lot of problems encountered by your team or group. There is a tendency to mix up everything which may be more stressful in the long run. To prevent this from happening, learn to distinguish your personal financial problem from the problems of your team. Remember you are their leader and currently not a personal friend to mix up personal mishaps. Consequently, by making a distinction, your mind is assisted to prioritize things and address each problem in order.

Set an Order of Priorities

As a leader, you might have the tendency to solve all the problems head-on immediately. Addressing different issues simultaneously might lead to all problems unsolved or worse, become more complicated. Therefore, set an order of priority among the issues at hand and evaluate which ones are the easiest or simplest to solve, which ones are the most urgent, and which ones that can take longer time. In doing so, you are helping yourself to be firm and certain that you can accomplish a lot of things.

Delegate Tasks and Responsibilities to the Right People

You can become a good leader when you make your subordinates perform well. Meaning, you do not need to rely only on yourself. You need to train and mentor other people to be like you or even become better than you to multiply yourself. This is what other business mentors called “leverage.” This is possible when you know how to delegate tasks to your subordinates. Admit the fact that you do not hold the monopoly of skills, there are other members that possess special skills, ability or talent to perform specific tasks. Therefore assigned them with tasks relevant to their specializations. With this, by unloading yourself, you may be able to handle your financial stress squarely.

However, make sure that you delegate the task to the right people. Only assign people with tasks that are within their competence to avoid the so-called Peter Principle. More so, it prevents failures and the possible waste of time and resources.

Maintain Good Communication

Meanwhile, when you delegate tasks, do not appear as if you are a dictator and every subordinate must follow all your whims and caprices. Always maintain good communication by treating as if a co-equal when delegating tasks and giving them instructions. Employees or members perform better when they are treated well. Hence, communication that is themed with courtesy and respect are the ones that motivate subordinates to follow their leaders.  

Establish Relationship

To be able to communicate well and ensure that your communication gets across your subordinates, it is important that you were able to establish a good professional relationship. Subordinates will not only follow you because of your position but more so when they know they can respect you. However, a professional relationship does not mean that they will abuse you or disregard your position. It means you are able to work with them fine and avoid conflict. Such a relationship may be established through good communication.

Be Genuinely Real

Finally, always remember that you are only a human being with your own limitations. Your people do not always expect that you are victorious over time. Just be real with your subordinates that at times you are shaken by your financial stress and you need to rest or have someone to talk to. Your subordinates will understand you better and make a way to lighten your workload.


Anyone can possess leadership capacities. It is a matter of having the right attitude and learning the process of leading people. Though, as a leader, you might encounter difficulties like financial stress. But, surely, there are ways on how to manage both people and money at the same time. You need to leverage yourself, organize your priorities well and be real.


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