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Free Android Apps for Downloading YouTube Videos

Downloading YouTube Videos

YouTube ranks as the number one video streaming service in the world. Today, there are over 1 billion videos on YouTube, and every single minute, more than 100 hours’ worth of videos are uploaded to it. Since YouTube is absolutely free to use, more number of users use it as compared to Netflix and other video streaming websites combined. Thus, such is the popularity of this small yet powerful website. With the inclusion of its mobile app, YouTube is used by hundreds of millions of people. So much popularity is yet so much hollowness. If you want to download online videos from YouTube, you need one of these five video downloading apps (on Android).


VidMate always tops the chart when it comes to downloading apps for YouTube videos. YouTube, as we already know, has a strict policy against downloading videos. Users can stream the videos and can add videos to playlists, but when it comes to downloading videos, it is a big no from YouTube. VidMate, however, allows Android users to download all of these videos for free. Yes, it provides the videos for free as well as in HD (720p). It is one of the very few apps that allow free HD video downloading on Android. Download VidMate video downloader app today for free from


The Android Video Downloader (shortened as AVD) is an amazing video downloading the app. It is very small in size and comes without any bloatware (not even one). The ad-free nature of AVD has made it one of the most promising apps for downloading YouTube videos on Android. AVD is free to download and it comes without any issue related to performance or battery life. Moreover, users can use this app to download online videos in HD from other websites as well. AVD is free from bugs and all kinds of hassles. The interface is very user-friendly and that makes it one of the most popular video downloading apps on Android.


Video downloading apps’ list is incomplete without Tubemate. For the naïve user, TubeMate is the app that is the oldest in this list. It was released back in 2012 and since then, the app has flourished so much. First and foremost, earlier, it was merely a YouTube video downloading the app, but today it can download online videos from anywhere. This means that you can download online videos from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. Moreover, Reddit videos and all the popular meme videos can also be downloaded. Tubemate even has its own web browser and video player. Thus, there is no need to download any external video player. Download Tubemate online for Android today.


Videoder app is a wonderful YouTube video downloader that is absolutely free to use. It comes with thousands of amazing features and is free of cost. You can download as many videos that you feel like downloading with Videoder. It does not contain viruses or any other bugs or bloatware. “Reviews of GbWhatsApp” Moreover, it even works well without any registration or subscription. Videoder is absolutely free to use and should be downloaded today. Download YouTube videos for free with Videoder.


Snaptube is a feature-loaded YouTube downloader app that is free to use (and to download). It works smoothly on every Android device (provided that there is a stable internet connection). Snaptube is free from ads that in turn means that there is no bloatware in it as well. It has over 50 million active users in the world and it has even received a good score (overall). Download Snaptube app and start downloading YouTube videos for free.


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