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Surefire Ways to Free Your Essay from Plagiarism

“To copy others is necessary, but to copy oneself is pathetic” by the renowned artist Pablo Picasso 

Plagiarism is undoubtedly a form of cheating. You’re Free Plagiarism Essays if you entirely copy the work of someone. You need to credit all of the sources, so use citations or footnotes for both printed and online materials. 

In situations when you use or copy someone’s composition, drawing, invention, or content, you should always give them credit. However, if you steal the ideas and work of a person while stamping them as your own, then you are in grave trouble.

Whether you are interviewing an expert or emphasizing critical findings from a study, sources coming from a third-party can add leverage to your work. However, there is a difference between incorporating external references into your content and falsifying the source’s words or ideas as your own.

Here is why knowing about plagiarism is essential and practical ways for you to avoid plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism?

It is the manner of stealing someone’s ideas or words while you are taking credit for falsely stamping them as your own. As Ben Domenech quote: “I know that charges of plagiarism are serious.” Plagiarism violates the code of honor and might cause irreversible damage to the reputation of a person. 

Research and Educate Yourself

If you have no idea as to what plagiarism is, then there is so much work you need to do. Without fail, educators will explain how to perform research and provide references for you to use in your content. 

As much as this setting can help you to start your research, nothing beats the benefits of self-education. Besides, educating yourself can help you learn more about plagiarism, which can help you sharpen your content.

As you write your content, you must look through several offline and online references. On the other hand, you can never trust everything that you see on the internet because most of them are unreliable. 

Why? Because many online contributors are mere novices and are not prolific enough at their work.  Still, if you plan on getting sources from the internet, you must be extremely picky and capable enough to determine which one is reliable and which one is not.


Paraphrasing is a method of rewriting the information or ideas from a particular source and writing them into your own words without changing the content’s meaning. However, you must be careful when paraphrasing because it has the potential to shift into plagiarism if you do it incorrectly.

Originally format your content, check your word count, and refrain from using excessively similar phrases or words from your source. 

The key to achieving successful paraphrasing is by not distorting the meaning of the source’s idea, as well as your content. Keep in mind that you are still utilizing the idea of another person, so you will need to insert a citation to the reference.


Another style to give credit is by using quotations, particularly when you are quoting someone. This method will help save you a lot of time because you can do it the moment you write it down. For as long as you quote your sources, you will always save yourself from plagiarism free plagiarism essays. 

“There is much difference between imitating a man and counterfeiting him.” Benjamin Franklin

Quotes by BenjaminFranklin

Create Your Ideas

This method appears like common sense, yet it is critical. If you are writing your essay based on your ideas and thoughts, then there is a huge chance that you are free of plagiarism.

Refrain from using all the information you see in your references. Instead of utilizing the content, try adding some value to the subject by incorporating your insights. This approach will benefit you more because it proves that you are knowledgeable about what you read. You can accomplish this feat by doing extensive research until you reach a certain point where every information relates to each other.

Proofread Your Work

There is no guarantee that your work is unique. So, it is better to proofread your work and use a plagiarism detector to determine anything wrong with your content. 

Even though you are certain that your content is original, and that you did not steal any ideas from the internet or offline sources, it is best to check your work to assure that your piece is original.

Although the tools from the internet are not infallible, it is an excellent idea to run your content through a plagiarism detector before you submit it. You will never know that you unknowingly wrote a sentence that nearly mirrors something composed by one of your references.

To Conclude

It is without a doubt, that we should not take the plagiarism problems lightly (Free Plagiarism Essays), and that it is best to practice integrity than copy the work of someone. 

If you are making your research, writing content, or planning a speech, remember that the most suitable approach to avoid plagiarism is to understand the notion holistically.


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