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Make Your Garage Safe & Secure with Dynasty Garage Doors

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Men are affectionate towards their cars which makes them affectionate towards their garage as well. You wouldn’t want your baby to be resting in a place that does not feel home right? 

Pick any masculine movie and you will notice that great ideas, inventions, and rebels are born in the garage only. So, wouldn’t you want your garage to be as clean and as masculine as you and your car is? 

Which is why taking care of the garage becomes a necessity. It’s a part of your home after all. If your garage is made “just like that” then chances of robbery and theft are more (once someone knows that your garage is not as safe and secure as your main area of the house is). 

Dynasty garage doors come with a surety that your garage will not only be safe and secure but it will be backed up by the latest technology and integrate it with an overall security system. 

Nobody wants just another door fixed in their garage. Why not choose a door that matches your overall house theme? Dynasty garage doors is an innovative leader, providing an unparalleled garage door installation and repair. 

It’s supported by one of Australia’s largest door supplier networks. Dynasty garage doors come with a surety that it will provide you with the best industry practices, customer services, and supplier/product quality. 

If the door is coming from dynasty garage doors, forget about its beauty and durability because it comes with a stamp of quality, service, assurance and never-ending relationship.

Most homes have been fitted with a sectional garage door, tilt door, roller door or custom garage door. The average garage door is opened and closed multiple times every day and the operation of these doors is often taken for granted. 

If the operation of a garage door is compromised, customers may be exposed to significant inconvenience. Why is why dynast garage doors take care of your garage while you can divert all your love and attention to your favorite car. 

Dynasty Garage Doors is Not Just About Doors! 

As mentioned earlier, they will take care of your entire garage needs and because they understand how frequently the garage is used, they have other essentials as well. 

Merlin MS105MYQ Commander Elite:

A small remote control has the power to lift 150kg is carefully designed taking Australian and New Zealand’s standards. The remote control comes with a 7-year warranty and built-in premium safety reversal technology to ensure your family possessions are protected.  

Danmar Thermopanel:

The smooth-ribbed garage door panel is a combination of steel polyurethane panels. Danmar doors have much better impact resistance and are guaranteed to retain their shape. 

Dynasty garage doors ensure that it offers up to 30% reduced thermal transmission, B-2 European fire rating, built-in finger protection, clear attractive interior, noise reduction, smoother and quieter operation. All at affordable pricing. 

Merlin MS65MYQ Commander Essential:

Small is its size, big are its features. This sectional garage door opener has all the latest technology in it and comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Merlin MJ3800MYQ Commander Ultimate:

Commander Ultimate is the most premium opener within Merlin sectional range with built-in myQ Wi-Fi & integrated battery backup with security+2.0 packed with a number of other accessories. 

B&D Roll-A-Door:

It’s the synonym of strength and durability. The door curtain remains flat and looks good for the life of the product instead of developing unsightly sagging and belying suffered by inferior doors.


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Dynasty Garage Doors Images
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