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Top Ways to Engage more Instagram Followers

Get More Instagram Followers

Comment, likes, answers, and consequences: what is worthwhile?

Everything is actually worth it – but a lot more and a lot less. Likes are barely noticed by profiles beyond the 1000 followers. So do not waste your time likening images and hoping for resonance. If you want to earn money with your reach as a blogger or reach a broad audience as a business, then at the end of the day only your real Instagram followers (and skilfully chosen hashtags) count.

Reminded by comments? How it works:

Commenting, however, is usually worthwhile. Search for profiles with 500-2000 followers and comment on their pictures. If the comments

  • Kind,
  • Personally and
  • are interested

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A conversation quickly develops or the other person at least looks at your profile. If that is visually convincing, you will soon have a new follower. You should also respond to comments, preferably to each one (as long as possible).

Also great are discussions on other profiles:

  • Discuss,
  • mark other people and
  • Answer this.

How to Do It Naturally Friends and friends often become followers. You can also follow interesting people yourself. Like some pictures that you really like and leave a comment there. So you notice more and the other person realizes that you are seriously interested in the profile and not only liked it, because you hoped the other “liked back”.

By the way: You do not have to follow everyone who follows you!

I follow only profiles that fully convince me and clean my list again and again. If someone does not post anything or the pictures get significantly worse and I have no deeper attachment to this follower, he/she will fly out of my list.

That may sound mean, but this is the only way I can make sure that I can follow the others and see most of the pictures and comment or react. If I followed everyone who followed me, I would probably have a very unpleasant timeline and in the end, Instagram should also be fun. After all, we do not want one thing: to see Instagram as just another advertising channel. The user remembers that very fast. The motto is:

Get involved, be active, and participate in Insta life!

Again and again, there are incidents of stolen images. Entire accounts consist in part only of foreign images that are simply used without being asked, usually without informing the author or identify the author. So that does not happen to you, you should pay attention to some things. Write on your profile page that all images are your own and the copyright is yours. A reference to the imprint of your page is also always good. If you want to give others the opportunity to share your pictures, write in your profile

“Please give credit with @username “

So you get with if someone posts a picture of you because you were indeed marked. If this is all too “trusted” for you, you can also tag your images with a watermark and write your username into the image (there are free apps for that).

However, one should then keep in mind that often spoils the beautiful pictures and you look more like an “official” or “commercial” Instagrammer. And honestly, that’s what nobody wants – not even companies. Instagram is currently living on the personality and privacy of the images. Some bloggers have significantly more real Instagram followers than big brands – that’s no coincidence.


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