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The Notice for Wearing Golden Necklace

Golden Necklace
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Women wearing “golden necklaces“, should remember “3 don’t“, many people don’t understand, and always confusing.

Gold is a symbol and a very good ornament, regardless of the era. Especially in this era, many women go out wearing gold jewelry to give themselves a plus. And some people think that the more custom jewelry, it symbolizes the status of this woman is very unusual. But do you know? And many women like to wear gold necklaces, but everyone knows? When a woman wears a “golden necklace“, keep in mind that “3 don’t”.

Don’t wear when sleeping

When we buy gold, it is not just because of its beauty and the ability to wear it to give us the identity. In fact, gold can also have the effect of maintaining value, so the gold that is bought can not only be worn but also can be preserved. You can sell ​​gold when you lack money.

Therefore, our gold necklaces generally require routine maintenance, but some women do not like this and forget to take off the gold necklace every time when they sleep. But this is a very bad habit, because everyone knows that the material of gold is soft, so if you wear it to sleep, it may cause the deformation of the gold, and you must know that the necklace is deformed ,it will be declined its beauty, and may cause “weight loss” and so on.

Do not wear when sports

Most women have a lot of “hatred” about their fat, and it is inevitable to exercise to reduce fat and maintain a perfect body. If you are doing some vigorous exercise, it is better to take off the gold necklace. The first reason is that when you are exercising, you may have a large movement that will accidentally break the gold necklace. Another reason is that our sweat is not corrosive to the gold necklace, if you wear a gold necklace for a long time, your ring will lose color or “weight loss”.

Do not wear more than one at the same time

The main role of the gold personalized necklace is to decorate. All kinds of different gold necklaces to wear different styles of clothing to increase beauty, so the gold necklace is still very important to wear. However, some people have great misunderstandings about wearing gold necklaces, so sometimes they wear several gold necklaces at once. If you accidentally exercise excessively or too much, it may lead to the rubbing of several gold necklaces or the interlacing of multiple gold necklaces, resulting in a series of situations such as breakage. At that time, you need to pay for maintenance. Gold maintenance fees are very expensive.


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Golden Necklace
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