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How to Write Good Instagram Captions (With Examples)

Good Instagram Captions Images

Instagram has been around for a while and it has made over a billion active users around the globe. With such a huge number of users, the fast-growing social network becomes a perfect means to spread your wings. You can easily post beautiful photos or stunning videos to catch more likes, comments, and followers.

However, photos and videos alone are not enough without good Instagram captions.

Instagram captions are part of a powerful social copy to attract more attention. It can help open a wider opportunity to market your product, brand, or business. The more people notice your existence, the easier to increase your sales. But how to write inviting words for IG captions?

Things to Consider When Writing Instagram Captions

Good Instagram captions are not always for business. Your personal account can benefit from well-thought and attractive captions so that you can unlock more followers, likes, and comments. Some people are tempted to write random words on their mind but it will end up making Instagram posts less attractive, no matter how stunning the photos or videos are. Consider these things before writing one.

1. Make a list of possible captions

Do you ever delete an Instagram post right after publishing just because you realize the captions are unattractive? This is not a funny joke, especially for a business account. Some of your followers may have read the post and they will raise their eyebrows once you post the same picture with different captions. Unfortunately, it makes your business seems unprofessional.

Don’t rush! This is an important lesson for Instagram users as it can save you from an embarrassing moment like illustrated previously. You can write a list of possible captions and think clearly. If needed, you can poll some friends and make a decision later.

2. First words matter

If you want to entice the existing followers and get dozens of new ones, pay attention to the first word choices. Instagram only provides 2,200 characters for each caption and it usually shows only the first three lines on the user’s feed. It means you should ensure the caption’s front-load is important and catchy, so the followers are interested to read more.

3. Invite the followers to involve

Make your Instagram posts more engaging by inviting the followers to do some action. Adding a call-to-action makes your caption more attractive and it can significantly increase comments, likes, and shares. Some call-to-actions are powerful enough, such as asking a question, inviting users to tag their friends, or directing users to a link.

4. Avoid loads of hashtags

Hashtags make your posts more reachable. It will join other posts that use the same hashtags, so even users from around the globe can see your Instagram posts. In other words, hashtags let you connect to other users who are not connected previously. And yet, using too many hashtags in a caption is not a good idea.

In fact, using too many hashtags makes your post look trashy. Instead, think to limit yourself up to 5 hashtags and you are ready to draw more attention. It can be placed in your sentence or simply at the end of the caption. Both of them are good and it keeps you reachable.

5. Use your own voice

Let the followers recognize your voice and they will miss your other posts. Especially if you are running a business account, choose a brand voice that represents the character of your business such as lighthearted, serious or fun. Be consistent with your voice to help build your existence on Instagram. If you are using a personal account, it’s also good to show your personality voice.

6. Play safe with brief caption

Instagram captions don’t have to be long. Sometimes, brief and concise captions can speak better than long, unclear sentences. You can use general expressions such as “Hello” and find the right hashtags. It can save you when long and fascinating caption ideas are not available. At this time, you should let the photo speaks rather than your words.

Good Instagram Caption Ideas

Now that you know a list of things to consider before writing Instagram captions, you should be ready to catch more likes and comments from followers. However, writing a good IG caption that fits your amazing photos can be frustrating. If you need some help, the following captions are ready to bring more ideas into your head. Even for personal accounts, these captions are worth trying!

  • [Product] is now here! Get a free sample and let us know what’s on your mind.
  • Come and join us at [place]! #concert #summer
  • New Year is coming! What’s your favorite activity in New Year? Let us know and leave your comments!
  • We’re preparing a new makeup product, but we need your help to name it. Write your suggestions in the comments and be the one who deserves our new-release makeup kit!
  • The tidiest workspace. Tag your workmate!
  • Good morning! Smile to the world and it will smile back at you. J
  • Happy Sunday! Time to flex your muscles and have some fun at [your place].
  • We come, we see!
  • We’ve opened! Check out our new outlet and tag your besties to win a $100 voucher. Visit our official website for more information.
  • On January 23rd, we’ll launch our new product. Follow our website! Link in bio.
  • Summer vibe! Been dreaming to be here for years! #beach #summer #friendship
  • This is how we enjoy #quarantine! Stay safe, stay healthy! #wfh
  • Let us know your favorite Asian cuisine! Leave a comment and the lucky one deserves a cooking session with our beloved chef @[person]
  • EARTH DAY PROMO! Make your adventure more engaging and get up to 50% off! Visit out official store! Link in bio.
  • We’re here at @ABC café to celebrate our anniversary! Amazing days with you, dear @[person].
  • These tiny paws are where my happiness comes from [dog emoji] [love emoji]
  • Pizza for #pizzalovers. Can’t expect a better dinner! LOL.
  • Spring is coming! What is your favorite part of spring? Let me know and leave your comments below.
  • God made Friday with a little happiness and a sprinkle of joy. #TGIF #weekend #holiday



Good Instagram Captions Images
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