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4 Things to do After Your Graduation for Data Science

Graduation for Data Science
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So, you have finally graduated, and now you are looking forward towards a career path? If that is the case, you are just at the right place at the right time. Believe it or not, a majority of the population is suffering from what we can call in a sarcastic term as the job dissatisfaction syndrome. Especially for all engineering graduates and students who are at the last year of their studies, Data Science is surely a booming career to look for. 

While learning data science might seem intimidating, there are several steps that one needs to follow in order to prosper in their career. Through our guide, you can get a clear understanding of how to gradually learn data science and create a great portfolio for yourself. 

Data Science: A Brief Overview

In a more lucid term, data science is the process of using various tools, machine learning and algorithms in order to discover the hidden patterns in raw data. So, how it is different from statistics? While Statistics is completely based on mathematics, Data science also deals with a lot of emotions and advanced algorithms. 

There is another fine difference between conventional analytics, and data science is that, while analytics deals with the data to provide an indication about the past performance, data science use that same data to make future predictions which work in favour of the company. Now, due to the increase in several e-commerce websites as well as digital marketing, data science works as the backbone of the entire economy.

Here is our list of the four things that one needs to do after their graduation in order to pursue a career in data science:

1) Choose the Path You Want to Pursue

When it comes to pursuing your career in data science, it is very important to understand that the entire industry is varied with different roles. Even being a data scientist, one needs to have expertise in one of the following roles. Whether you can become a data visualization expert, ML expert, data scientist or a data engineer, whatever you choose, having a clear goal is very import to pursue your career.

You can always talk to the people who are in the industry and figure out which role is better suited for you. And, once you have made up your mind, try sticking to the same goal. You can also figure out by yourself and your field of studies, which role would probably suit you. 

2) Take a Course and Complete it with Utter Devotion

Data science is not a subject which you can easily opt from your college. To have a specialization in a particular field, you can always join some of the prestigious and reputed institutes throughout India such as Innomatics Research Labs in order to let a proper knowledge on that. 

One of the best things about Innomatics Research Labs is that all of their faculty members are industry experts from whom you can always get a hands-on which you wouldn’t get elsewhere. Try to follow the entire courseware, their assignments and discussions that happen throughout the class. After completing a course end to end would give you a clearer view of the entire picture. 

3) Pick up the Right Resources and Work on your Communication Skills

Don’t even think that once you have completed your data science course in Hyderabad, you are good to go. Once the course has been completed, the real battle starts from here. Gather up all the resources you can get and work on developing your skills. With some much free data over the internet, you can even start out your own project so that you can understand how data science really works. 

And above all, don’t even overlook to work on your communication skills. One of the biggest myth in the corporate world is that if you have the technical skills, you can always ace the interview. There is also a huge chance of getting rejected within the interview just after listening to your introduction. One of the main reasons for such is the lack of proper communication skills. There is nothing to worry, as soft skills can always be learned. You can always ask your peer to simulate an interview and later ask for their honest opinion. 

4) Build the Network, Grab the Job

Initially, you can always put your entire effort into learning, but once you have crossed that initial level, that is where the real fun begins. A lot of people eventually quits after coming at this level. Once you start to get the hang of this field, it is time for you to build the network. Try to create a great profile on LinkedIn or other job searching places. Talk to different people from the industry. Try to update yourself with the recruitment process that goes on for different companies. 

After crossing all of these hurdles, the day of the interview will arrive, and you will come out with a smile on your face and the joining letter on your hand. Now, if you following all the steps carefully, this won’t be a dream anymore but a reality that is woven by your own hands and hard work. 


The demand for data scientists is huge currently at the market, and it has the potential to provide a promising growth in the near future. In order to step up the business, every employer is looking forward to investing an ample amount of time and money for data scientists. So, if you are really passionate about data science, now is the best time to be there in the industry. 

Always remember, the only thing that is stopping you from getting your dream job is your uncertainty. If you are adamant enough and completely made up your mind to pursue a career in data science, just get started with it. Once you get a clear overview, you don’t have to look back at your future ever again. 

Graduation for Data Science
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