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Happy Birthday Wishes Text For Best Friend



Happy Birthday Wishes Text For Best Friend
Happy Birthday Wishes Text For Best Friend

Birthday texts are messages which we send to our loved ones on their special day just to let them know even if we are miles apart but our hearts remain close. So if one of your friend’s or cousins’ birthday is approaching, you can send them a happy birthday wishes text or a birthday poem or verse and let them love the lines you have written. Just think about what you are about to send them in a funny, cute, or lovely message and check out their beautiful smile. You can also send these birthday messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Many websites have birthday text messages from which you can take help and write a nice message for your friend, cousin, lover, parents, grandparents, or spouse. Here you can find a host of messages including funny, sweet, and naughty messages. So according to your relationship with the person, you can find relevant messages. You can also easily find beautifully written quotes, which are unique and well written. If you want, you can also create a verse for anyone on their birthday.

Messages with beautiful captions and images are also present on what’s the app, you can send those. Else you can find some really nice images online, download them on your phone and send these through what’s an app to anyone whom you want to wish happy birthday. These days most people also use the medium of social media through which they can post messages. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the common platforms. 

Sending Birthday Messages at Midnight

When it’s your best friend’s birthday or your lover’s birthday, you definitely want to wish them just when the clock strikes 12 at night. But at times, it’s difficult to call someone so late and have a word, in that case sending a wish is the best way. You can send them a sweet birthday poem at 21 during the night. Your lover will just be so happy to see a message from you and nothing like a sweet message which not only wishes you but also tells how important you and your love is!

Sending Birthday Texts To Your Spouse

Now, this might look a bit strange when you take a first glance at these lines. I mean why send a text message to your husband or wife, when they live in the same house as yours? But here is the point, why not. Each year on your spouse’s birthday, you are willing to do something different to impress him or her and show off your love. So this time why not get a bit romantic and share a nice and sweet message with your partner, showcasing your love. You can even post a sweet message for your partner on their Facebook time and let people love the post a zillion times!

Birthday Poems on Card for Parents 

If you haven’t saved up enough money for your father or mother’s birthday or are in school and your pocket money doesn’t give you the advantage to buy something flashy, then the best idea can be to purchase a card.

Yes, you can buy a nice birthday card for your parent and write a sweet and nice birthday message for them on the blank side of the card. Anything that comes from the heart is probably the best gift parents receive, and this is all they want. So even if you haven’t planned much, this can be a great gifting idea. 

Share the Latest Happy Birthday Wishes Text:


Happy Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

“Happy birthday my dear friend. I hope every day of your life be filled with happiness and joy.”

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend

“Sending prayers on your birthday for a prosperous and healthy life. Happy Birthday!”

“Wish you nothing but all the love and happiness in the world! Happy Birthday. Thank you for being the best BESTFRIEND!”

“I am so grateful to have you in my life. You were always there whenever I needed you. You were the one who always stood beside me no matter what. Many happy returns of the day.”

“I wish you all the love, happiness, and success of this world. May your life be filled with joy and laughter. Happy Birthday and have a great year ahead.”

“May this day be full of bright smiles, loud laughs, and great happiness. Happy Birthday my friend!”

Best Friend Happy Birthday Wishes

Best Friend Happy Birthday Wishes

“May God grant you many more birthdays like this one. May our friendship last till the last day of our lives. Wishing you a very happy birthday!”

“Forget the things that pull you back and focus on the things that lie ahead. Success will be yours someday. Happy birthday to you my friend!”

“I wish this year, God blesses you with inner growth, healing, and peace. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.”

“May Lord provides you with boundless joy, infinite success, and many delightful surprises. Happy Birthday!”

“Happy Birthday! Life is like a book, and I hope you enjoy every chapter of it.”

“Happy Birthday! May Lord give you strength to tolerate me many more years!”


Inspiring Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

  • “Happy Birthday Dear Friend! May all your wishes come true with the blow of the candles on your birthday cake! Love you!”
Inspiring Birthday Wishes On Best Friend

Inspiring Birthday Wishes On Best Friend

  • “I am so excited today that I feel like it’s my birthday! Happiest birthday to my finest friend of all! Take my love.”
  • “On this special day of yours; I wish you all the love and joy because you deserve every good thing on earth. I hope you have an amazing birthday, buddy!”
  • “Thanks for being a part of my life for all these years. Because of you, I can enjoy my life to the fullest. Wishing you all the happiness in the world today. Happy birthday!”
  • “Not everyone can be as lucky as me because I have one of the best human beings as my friend. Thanks for everything, my dear. Happy birthday to you!”
  • “My dear best friend, I want you to know that you mean a lot to me and I will always cherish you, Happy Birthday.”
Inspiring Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Inspiring Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

  • “Happy Birthday Dear! Thank you so much for always supporting me and encouraging me. Thanks for being such a good friend.”
  • “Happy Birthday my friend. Many happy returns of the day. Keep faith in God and keep chasing your dreams with confidence. You’ll be the winner in the end.”
  • “You and I share a bond that is forged in love and respect for each other. Today I feel so happy because it’s your birthday! All the best wishes to you!”
  • “Wishing you a very happy birthday with lots of love my dear friend.”
  • “Thank you for coming into this world with one purpose only, to become the person that annoys me the most. You’re doing it well! Happy birthday!”
  • “Not many people can say they have a friend whom they can trust blindly. I can say this because you are really a true friend of mine. Happy birthday!”

Best Friend Happy Birthday Wishes

“May this birthday of yours be rocking and full of cheers as you celebrate a year of becoming more mature and beautiful. Happy birthday!”

Best Friend Happy Birthday Best Wishes

Best Friend Happy Birthday Best Wishes

“May all the happiness of today be with you forever. May this day give you a lot of smiles and moments to remember. Happy birthday, dear friend!”

“As we both grow old, our friendship becomes sweeter and stronger. Thanks for being my friend in one more year of your life. Happy birthday!”

“May God’s blessings be showered over you today like raindrops and fill your life with happiness, success, and prosperity! Happy birthday!”

“Without you, I would never know how true friendship feels like. I am grateful for having a friend like you. Wishing you a happy birthday!”

“May your life be filled with the brightest colours from heaven. May you live a thousand years and be my friend till the last breath. Happy birthday!”

Best Friend Happy Birthday Wishes

Best Friend Happy Birthday Wishes

“Happiest Birthday my friend. You deserve all the happiness of this world. May God shower you with love and happiness forever.”

“I hope you know I will always be right beside you whenever you need me. In good times and bad times, I will always have your back. Happy Birthday!”

“My dear friend, thank you for being born and thank you for being my friend. We all are so lucky to have you among us. Happy Birthday!”

“Happy birthday to the truest, coolest and most amazing friend of mine. I wish you a day full of entertainment and laughter. May God bless you!”

Exciting Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

“Let’s celebrate growing old together, my buddy. Here’s hoping that you have the most wonderful birthday ever.”

Exciting Birthday Wishes On Best Friend

Exciting Birthday Wishes On Best Friend

“Happy birthday to my partner-in-crime! It’s never a boring day when you are by my side!”

“You are the only friend that understands me more than myself. I am grateful for your true friendship. Happy birthday. May God bless with success and happiness!”

“It’s you who taught me the true meaning of friendship. I wish you nothing but all the best things in life on this day. Happy birthday! Enjoy your special day.”


“May you receive love, joy, and everlasting happiness from God on this day. Thank you for being my best friend. Wishing you the best birthday ever.”

“Never have I told you this, but your birthday deserves a secret! It’s that- you are not just my friend, but my family. Happy Birthday!”

Exciting Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Exciting Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

“Don’t change yourself for anyone and anything ever and do whatever you want to do in your life. Happy Birthday to a friend I couldn’t live without!!”

“I hope you always shine like the brightest star in the sky. May you continue spreading love and joy wherever you go. Happy birthday to my BFF!”

“I feel like I am the luckiest person on earth because I have you in my life. You are an inspiration to me. Happy birthday, bestie!”

“You are a great daughter to your parents, an amazing sister to your siblings and a wonderful friend to me. Happy birthday bestie!”

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. Let’s have fun as much as you want. Let’s have a memorable day.”

“Happy Birthday, dear! I wish you a bounty of happiness where the sky is the limit!”

Famous Birthday Wishes For My Best Friend

“Just like a flower needs sunshine to grow, I need you in my life. Happy Birthday, my bestie!”

Famous Birthday Wishes On My Best Friend

Famous Birthday Wishes On My Best Friend

  1. “The friendship we share is so precious to me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Happy birthday, dear.”
  2. “True friends are rare to be found nowadays. I don’t know what good I did to have you in my life. I truly feel lucky to have a friend like you. Happy birthday dear!”
  3. “May your every dream come true, my friend. You’re such an amazing soul, and you deserve the best.”
  4. “Friends like you are blessings on earth and I’m forever grateful to have you by my side. Happy birthday, my dear. Keep smiling!”
  5. “On this special day I just wanted to give you a really “priceless” gift. The gift of friendship. Happy birthday, my dear partner in crime!”
  6. “You are not special just because it is your birthday today. You are special every day. Happy birthday, buddy.”
  7. “On this blessed day, I hope your heart receives all the happiness it can hold and even more. Happy birthday, friend.”
  8. “May life reward you with the same kind of beauty that you hold in your heart. I wish you a very special birthday, my mate.”
  9. “You deserve all the happiness in the world because you are such a great person and a wonderful friend of mine. Happy birthday Friend!”
  10. “On your birthday, I thank the cosmos and the stars above for bringing us together, for weaving our lives together so intricately. Happy Birthday!”
  11. “Human stupidity has no limit, It’s infinite and boundless. I would have never known this if you were not my friend. Happy birthday to you!”
  12. “My friend, seeing you growing old gives me heartache, and seeing you not growing up gives me a headache. Happy birthday!”
  13. “I forgot to buy a gift for you so I brought myself as your birthday gift. I bet no one can give you as a precious gift like mine.”
Famous Birthday Wishes For My Best Friend

Famous Birthday Wishes For My Best Friend

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Means of friendship through messages 

These are not just simple messages you send to friends, but a means to tell that no matter how far, but the bond of friendship still remains strong in your heart. It’s not the precious gifts and valuable items that you give someone on their birthday that hold a big meaning, but the feeling of love, togetherness, and care you receive from someone that gives true meaning to a relationship.

You might have been the best of friends during your childhood, but when age grows, you should never forget that these wishes and days are special times which one should not miss. 


At times we get so busy in our lives that we forget to wish our near and dear ones on their birthdays.

However, it’s very important that you shower your love on your friends, family, cousins to let them know that they hold a special place in your heart. Even with today’s hectic and busy schedule, we should make it a point to not miss out on sending our best wishes to their loved ones. The birthday text messages sent on mobiles or posted on social media add a new meaning to your relationship and ensure that your bond remains stronger.


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