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Happy Lohri Wishes, Messages with images for Your Friends, Family



Happy Lohri Festival Wishes
Happy Lohri Wishes, Messages

All peoples enjoy the Lohri festival because this festival has some energy and whenever this festival comes, always brings happiness. Lohri is a fun Indian Festival. It is celebrated on 13th Jan of each year. Next morning is Makar Sankranti or Pongal Festival. Lohri is a Punjabi festival which is celebrated by all peoples before the Makar Sankranti in northern India by collecting some piece of wood at one place and they fire this wood at midnight, the day of Lohri and they worship on this day for Fire. Lohri is always celebrated after the New Year and in the month of January at the time of winter.

On the day of Lohri, all Children collect money and Lohri together at their local places, and a bonfire is made at the midnight on the same day, and on that time they eat (Lohri Festival Food) Sweet, MOONGFALI, Popcorn sitting around the bonfire. They also throw all sweets and popcorn into the bonfire and, all of them walk around the bonfire in one line.  The day is enjoyed full of grace and celebrated with full fun, it always brings well wishes to you and your family on this Lohri.

This Festival is most important in Punjab and on the day of the festival all Punjabi people get ready and they wear some special traditional clothes on the day of the fest for celebrating Lohri in a unique way. It is celebrated mainly in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh where the Punjabi, the North Indian population is high.  

Wish you Happy Lohri guys and here we collected Happy Lohri Wishes, Lohri Messages, Lohri Sms, Happy Lohri Quotes for you. This is a great time when all friends get together for celebrating the day of Lohri. During the festival, the sugarcane crops are gets harvested which is the big reason Lohri is also known as the Harvest festival.

Happy Lohri Wishes

“This Lohri, may the sweetness of jaggery and warmth of groundnuts add ta happy zing to your life. Happy Lohri.”

Inspirational Happy Lohri Wishes

Inspirational Happy Lohri Wishes

May the Lohri fire burn away all the sadness out of your life and bring you joy, Happiness, and Love. Wishing a Very Happy Lohri to You and Your Family.

On this auspicious day of Lohri, I wish you to have all peace and prosperity, Let this festival brings endless happiness to you and your family, Wish you Happy Lohri!

If you thinking sad then don’t be feeling sad because you are my best friends and I am coming to your home on this Lohri festival. — Happy Lohri

We hope on this Lohri festival, You got connected with your friends, With your family, And May God give you a blessing for the future. — Happy Lohri

“On this festive season of Lohri, may God bless you with good health and lifelong companionship.”

Happy Lohri Wishes

Happy Lohri Wishes

Having a true friend in life is like a blessing. It’s an assurance that whatever the situation or challenge is we never have to face them alone. — Happy Lohri

God bless you with a lot of happiness & may God pour their love on your family on this Lohri. — Happy Lohri


The moon has come fully on the fest day, Smile comes on every face, Reason behind Lohri has come, Celebrate Lohri enjoy Lohri. — Happy Lohri

May this festival of zeal and verve fill your life with lots of energy and enthusiasm and may it help you bring happiness and prosperity to you and your loved ones. Happy Lohri All!

Best Wishes For Happy Lohri

  • “Wishing this Harvest Season Brings Happiness and Prosperity to You and Your Family, Happy Lohri.”
Inspiring Best Wishes For Happy Lohri

Inspiring Best Wishes For Happy Lohri

  • “Enjoy this Lohri to the fullest & share the sweetness of love with rewri, moongfali and popcorn with all and spread happiness.”
  • “This Lohri spread the message of peace and happiness with all.”
  • On this Lohri overcame your fear and complete your dream by hard work & smart work. I wish you a very Happy Lohri 
  • “Play the Punjabi music and dance on the tunes of drum this Lohri and share smile & laughter with all.”
  • “May this festival of zeal and verve fill your life with lots of energy and enthusiasm that will bring ultimate prosperity to you. Happy Lohri”
Best Wishes For Happy Lohri

Best Wishes For Happy Lohri

  • “Hope this festive season brings joy to your heart and fulfils all your wishes on this auspicious occasion. Happy Lohri my love”
  • “May this Lohri bring the best opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into huge achievements. Happy Lohri”
  • “May this Lohri fire burn all the moments of sadness and enlighten your world with the warmth of joy, happiness and love,”
  • “Hope this grand celebration of Lohri completes your life with utmost love and joy. Wish you a very Happy Lohri”
  • “Come let’s organize a small bonfire to celebrate the warmness of this beautiful festival and make this night memorable forever. Happy Lohri”

Happy Lohri Best Messages

“We hope that God’s abundant blessings fill your life with happiness and pleasant surprises this Lohri. Happy Lohri.”

Happy Lohri Best Inspiring Messages

Happy Lohri Best Inspiring Messages

“May this harvest season enrich you and your family with prosperity, good health & happiness. Happy Lohri.”

“May the Lohri fire burn away all the worries and sadness from your life and bring you prosperity, joy, and good health. Here’s wishing you a prosperous and auspicious Lohri.”

“May your year be just as joyful, warm, and happy as the beautiful festival of Lohri. Wish you a very happy Lohri!”

“May this Lohri enrich your life with the sweetness of rewari, the joyous pop of popcorns, and the delectable spices of makki ki roti and sarson da saag. Happy Lohri!!!”

“We hope that this harvest season brings great happiness and light to your life. Happy Lohri!”

Happy Lohri Best Messages

Happy Lohri Best Messages

“Lohri is here, dhol bajao, nachcho gao, khush ho jao! Happy Lohri! May this festival bring loads of happiness and prosperity in your life.”

“There would be no advantage to be gained by sowing a field of wheat if the harvest did not return more than was sown.”

“You must give to get, you must sow the seed, before you can reap the harvest.”

“Before the reward, there must be labour. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy.”


“Twinkle twinkle yaraan di car. Khadke glassi in the bar. Punjabi bhangra te makhan-malai. Twanu Lohri di lakh-lakh vadhai. Happy Lohri.”

Inspiring Messages For Happy Lohri 

“Hope this festive season brings joy to you and your loved ones; and may all your wishes come true this year. Happy Lohri.”

Exciting Inspiring Messages For Happy Lohri 

Exciting Inspiring Messages For Happy Lohri

“The day of Lohri is here. It’s time to sing the songs of a happy childhood and rejoice like carefree children. Happy Lohri.”

“This Lohri, let the bonfire illuminate every corner of your heart and life with great joy and happiness. Happy Lohri!!!”

“It takes efforts, energy, and labour to plough the earth and sows seeds. This Lohri, let’s raise a toast to everyone behind every grain of food on our plates. Happy Lohri.”

“Here’s wishing that you overcome all your fears and burn away all your roadblocks on this auspicious day of Lohri. Wishing you a very happy and joyous Lohri.”

Inspiring Messages For Happy Lohri 

Inspiring Messages For Happy Lohri

“May this festival fill your life with lots of energy and enthusiasm, and help you get all the happiness and prosperity. Happy Lohri to all.”

“Enjoy this Lohri to its best and spread the sweetness of love with rewri, moongfali, and popcorn. Happy Lohri.”

“May this festival of zeal and verve take away all the darkness from your life and replace it with energy, enthusiasm, and prosperity. Happy Lohri.”

“We wish you a very happy Lohri, full of rewri, moongfali and popcorn. Have a great day ahead!”

“We hope that this festive season brings joy to your heart and fulfils all your wishes on this. Here’s wishing you a very happy and auspicious Lohri.”

“This Lohri, we wish that you connect with your friends, family, and all loved ones. Happy Lohri!!!”


“It is the time to fly Kites, relish the sweetness of gur, rewari, and peanuts and add spread smiles. Happy Lohri.”

Best Famous Happy Lohri Wishes Messages

“May the songs of Lohri fill your life with great joy and happiness. Happy Lohri!!!”

Famous Happy Lohri Wishes Messages

Famous Happy Lohri Wishes Messages

  1. “May the light Lohri enlighten your life with success, prosperity, and happiness? Happy Lohri!!!”
  2. “May this festival give you energy and enthusiasm to achieve new endeavours in life. Happy Lohri!”
  3. “We send to you the wishes of Lohri, as warm as til and gur, as sweet as gajak and rewari, and as pure as the festival itself. Happy Lohri!!!”
  4. “The glory of the festival of Lohri lies in the rituals we perform to celebrate the year’s hard work. I pray the festival rejuvenates and powers you for a year of hard and glorious work. Happy Lohri!!!”
  5. “May the festival of Lohri, open doors of opportunities for you, and the bright bonfire light illuminates your journey ahead. Happy Lohri!!!”
  6. “I wish you a healthy harvest for all your efforts in all phases of life. Happy Lohri!!!”
  7. “My wish for you this Lohri is that the excitement of this festival meets all the joys and happiness that are to come in your future life. Happy Lohri!!!”
  8. “On this Lohri, I wish that the festivities of this day get carried to every day of your life. Happy Lohri!!!”
  9. “If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Rightly said indeed. As winter comes to an end, let’s welcome the season of spring with joy and festivities. Here’s wishing you a very happy Lohri!!!”
  10. “Wishing you a bountiful harvest of happiness and virtues on this festival of Lohri.Happy Lohri!!!”
  11. “Lohri is the festival of merriment, new beginnings, and light. Here’s wishing all of that and more. Happy Lohri!!!”
Best Famous Happy Lohri Wishes Messages

Best Famous Happy Lohri Wishes Messages


On this Lohri you fill you’re all your dreams may come true and you get your desired things on this beautiful festival, always make happiness. The festival Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi states is observed. Lohri Festival is mostly celebrated by newly married couples and that family who born newly baby or child in their family as the taking best wishes from Sun – God, and a bonfire.

All peoples dance to this day and also sing Lohri songs together in one place so you have to also celebrate this Lohri festival with lots of love and fun. Happy Lohri Wishes with Lohri Quotes, Lohri Greeting, and Lohri Massage to share with your family members and friends.


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