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A Journey Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle Article

If I ask you a question – “If you could have that perfect life you’ve always dreamed of, what would it look like?” the answer to that question depends on who you are and what you really want out of life. Many people may think of waking up in a mansion with a perfect family and lots of cash because that is what most average people want.

However, even though your happiness and wealth are very important, the sad truth is that many people neglect one very important aspect – their health. If you are not healthy and are battling with a serious terminal illness, it becomes so difficult to enjoy the good things of life like love, wealth and happiness. Health is a form of wealth on its own because without good health, there is no true wealth (what good is a wealth if you cannot enjoy it the way you want).

So, in all your ambitions be it the pursuit of wealth or happiness, do not sacrifice your health for anything because it would be too high a price to pay. You may ask – “okay, I know that my health is very important, but how do I maintain good health?”

How to Maintain Good Health:

We all have different views and approach to health. However, there is more to health than most of us think. When we talk about health, we mostly think health is just the absence of sickness but it goes more than that. Many people are not sick (at least, they are not sick physically), but they are not healthy either. Your health has to do with other areas of your life like your mental/emotional wellbeing, physical, and spiritual well-being. A doctor once asked a man, “how is the pain?” and the man replied, “what pain are you asking about? Is it the pain I feel due to my arthritis, or the pain I feel due to the fact that my daughter just died last week?

There is a holistic philosophy that believes that in a society with so many ills, a person cannot truly be healthy. Your mental and spiritual health depends on building strong, happy relationships with yourself, what you believe in, and those around you. You have to learn to love yourself and others if you truly want to be happy and healthy. Also, you have to watch your diet. Eat good and healthy food so your body does not give in to sickness and make sure to exercise not just your body, but also your mind. I will talk a little about Livin3’s blog and why I think you may find good advice on your health over there.

The Livin3 Blog:

This blog is focused on how you can explore different avenues to live a healthier life. What I love about this blog is that it is not full of different nutritional fads and is not just focused on weight loss (weight loss is also discussed on this blog too) but also on how you can make the best out of nutrition and exercises.

For example, it has sections on weight loss and great dieting tips for losing weight in a healthy way. Studies have shown that obesity has many devastating consequences as it has been linked to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and many other serious health issues.

The Livin3 blog also has a section on superfoods like turmeric, quail eggs, and others which studies have shown to have various benefits. I loved what I saw when I did some research on turmeric. It has a whole lot of benefits. There has also been a case study in the UK daily mail of a woman who suffered from cancer “Myeloma, I think” and had tried different chemotherapy drugs with little luck. She said she was able to beat her cancer by just taking lots of turmerics which surprised her oncologist a lot. Even though it seems like the only documented case study (I don’t know if there are others) but it has stimulated the interest of scientists. Since then, some studies have been done on turmeric and its active ingredient curcumin.

The results have been very good so far, even though it seems curcumin has some difficulty entering the body from the intestine. I wonder if making curcumin patches or injections may be a solution to this problem, however, the case study of the woman shows that it is possible to get an awesome result just by eating turmeric. The Livin3 blog also mentioned some benefits of quail eggs which are lovely and some other superfood, greens nutrient, and other things you may love to see about your health. The Livin3 blog does not only focus on the diet but also on exercise. It is full of great recommendations on sports equipment that would be a great addition to your home gym and would help you hit your targets be it weight loss or a super hot physique.

There are also many other interesting and beneficial articles written there which are too many to be discussed in this article. Overall, I think the Livin3 blog would be a good start if you are serious about improving the physical aspect of your health.


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