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7 Tips for a Healthy Sex Life In Relationship

Healthy Sex Life

Sex drives fluctuate in both men and women. Get your mojo back in action with these simple tips.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve hit a bit of a slump in your libido. In conjunction with normal changes associated with aging, daily stressors, and emotional triggers, it’s not uncommon for men and women alike to experience a decrease in desire now and again. Although these fluctuations are perfectly normal, it’s ideal to address them as soon as they show up.

Science is finding that libido may be an early indicator of overall well-being. Not only that, but research has linked sex drive with overall physical health, finding that couples who engage in sexual congress more often, are healthier.

Both physically, and mentally. While there are many reasons that the libido will fluctuate, most can be addressed by making simple lifestyle changes. Here are seven science-backed ways to increase desire without having to make huge lifestyle changes.

1. Think Kink

With the overwhelmingly positive response to the 50 Shades of Grey book series, scientists have taken a second look at how BDSM practices affect intimate relationships. What the found may shock you. In 2013, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that suggested that bondage sex may unlock better communication and healthier relationships. This bondage sex-based improvement comes largely from the fact that couples that engage in such types of sex require specific and thorough communication, as well as strong trust bonds. Want to try out some new kinky sex? Consider purchasing a few sex toys that are specifically made for bondage sex. If nothing else, they’re guaranteed to add some spice to your night.

2. Check Your Diet

If bondage sex seems like it may be a bit much to start your journey with, you may want to consider what’s in your cupboards. Research has suggested that eating specific foods, such as watermelon, can do more than just be a delicious part of a well-balanced diet. Watermelon has been found to contain a specific photo-nutrient that has similar effects on the body as Viagra. The specific photo-nutrients in watermelon work together to help blood vessels relax. Scientists suggest that this could help in a number of ways, not just for getting your bedroom booyah back in action. The scientist has also found a possible link to red and processed meat consumption and overall sexual function. So keep your carrot at the ready by passing on the beef and snagging an extra helping of those veggies.

3. Get Some Exercise

Any doctor the world over will tell you that a minimum of 30 minutes of walking per day is one of the best things you can do for your health and mobility, what they may neglect to mention is that this simple exercise alone was found to decrease the risk for ED by up to 41%. Moderate exercise has also been shown to be beneficial to the ladies as well. Simple exercises, like light cardio or yoga, can help stimulate the release of testosterone (yes, even in females) which is absolutely necessary for a healthy libido. It can also help combat depression and anxiety while improving mobility, balance, and the immune system. These things combined not only put you in the mood more often but give you the ability to act out your wildest fantasies without concern.

4. Lose Weight

Two major causes of decreased libido and sexual dysfunction are diabetes and vascular disease. One of the best defenses against these two devastating conditions is keeping yourself at a healthy weight. Harboring an excess of stored fat can also mess with how well your body delivers a multitude of different neurotransmitters and hormones, making more than just your bedroom game look a bit limp. Excess weight gain can also signify several different diseases or imbalances that can reduce a sex drive, like thyroid or other glandular problems. A huge part of any person’s libido is feeling sexy, confident, and desirable. Many people attribute these positive feelings to maintaining a physique that they are happy with.

4. Visit a Dentist

The Journal of Sexual Medicine has come out with a study outlining the risks associated with gum disease. It causes far more than just a fractured sex drive due to some bad breath. Gum disease causes chronic and widespread inflammation. This inflammation can also cause damage to the lining of your arteries and veins, making it more difficult to become aroused. Dental hygienists are also closely related to how we feel about ourselves physically. Smiling is shown to increase personal confidence and directly affect self-esteem. It’s much easier to flash those pearly whites when they are in fact, pearly and white. Tooth health also plays a large part in a diet. Eating healthy is important for many different reasons, and the healthier your teeth and gums, the easier it is to eat the foods your body needs.

5. Check Your Birth Control

Birth control, among many other types of medications and treatments, can have some devastating effects on your sex drive. Certain medications are more prone to causing these negative side effects. While you may not be able to modify certain medications regimens, you can check to see if any of the medications you take react with one another, possibly strengthening the libido dampening powers of any one medication. Make sure you talk to your doctor before changing anything and ask them for any suggestions they may have regarding the medications you normally take. If all else fails, you can still investigate jump starting your sex drive with the novelty of bondage sex!

6. Have More Sex

That’s right. Whether is loving, funny, solo, or bondage sex, by having sex more often, your body will automatically begin to crave it more. Researchers at the University of Chicago have found that the keys to feminine libido are much harder to pin down than those of our male counterparts. Female sexuality is largely influenced by emotion and is extremely sensitive to the environment and context. They also found that men are more likely to think about sex and act on their sexual urges as they arise. Science has proposed a link between frequency of arousal, and willingness to act on those feelings, with actual libido. They have found correlations that suggest that women who masturbate or make time for sex and sexual pleasure more often, begin to desire it more. So, the easiest secret to bedroom success may be just getting it into your schedule.


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