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Heart Broken Messages For Boyfriend and Girlfriend



Heart Broken Messages For Boyfriend and Girlfriend

When you fall in love, you create a connection that brings joy and excitement to your life. But sometimes it happens that you are angry, sad and upset too. And there is only one reason for this, heartbreak.

When this love bond breaks, the man feels broken.

One should always show patience and courage at every step. And it becomes even more important, especially in a love relationship. In such a situation, if your heart is sad, then you can take the help of heartbroken messages to handle your heart.

That’s why we have brought you the best heartbroken messages for your girlfriend and boyfriend. With the help of this, you can give peace to your heart, as well as send a message to your ex to make them realize their mistake.

So let’s read this collection of heartbroken messages and make use of it.

Best Heartbroken Messages For Boyfriend

“In every aspect of life, you will definitely feel that you have made some mistake.”

Heart Broken Messages For Boyfriend

Heart Broken Messages For Boyfriend

“You didn’t do me any good by hurting my heart, you will also realize this one day.”

“The grief of infidelity would have been easier if you were away. feeling bad.”

“When you are near, this is the only sorrow, if you were far away, there would not have been so much pain in my heart.”

“I have heard that God often takes tests in love, this time also I thought it was a test but you turned out to be a cheater.”


“The sorrow of life is so much that I am not able to laugh even after being happy. Heart broken.”

Heart Broken Messages For Girlfriend

Heart Broken Messages For Girlfriend

“May God give you success in every destination, just you should realize that you have made a mistake.”

“The relationship should be such that the person in front is happy seeing it, the sorrow of breaking a heart is full of pain.”

“I have learned a lot from you now. It is the end of suffering and the beginning of peace.”

“Sometimes I think that I wish I had not fallen in love, it would have been better, at least I would have lived peacefully.”

“The love of a unique person does not last long and the same happened with us, we should have understood earlier.”

Sad Heartbroken Messages For Girlfriend

“The saddest thing is when you are feeling really down, you look around and realize that there is no shoulder for you.”

Heart Broken Messages For Her

Heart Broken Messages For Her

  • “You meant the world to me, and now that I’ve lost you, I feel empty. Losing you was the worst thing that ever happened to me.”
  • “In my head, we’re still together. In my imagination, I can still touch your skin. In my dreams, I still get visions of you. In truth, I’m lost without you.”
  • “I used to think the worst thing in life was ending up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.”

“You fulfilled me, but now I am alone without you. I am broken, and I don’t know how to get over from this.”

Heart Broken Messages For Him

Heart Broken Messages For Him

  • “There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go.”
  • “Living a day without you would mean having no life at all. But if losing you is the best thing to make you happy, then I must live without a life.”
  • “Absolutely heartbroken and crushed but trying my best to cope. I call my life on to the next chapter of this crazy thing!”
  • “People always think the most painful thing is to lose the one you love. In truth, the most painful thing is to lose YOURSELF and not even realize it until it’s too late.”
  • “Some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is!”

Heartbroken Emotional Messages For Him

“Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them another bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time.”

Sad Heart Broken Messages For Boyfriend

Sad Heart Broken Messages For Boyfriend

“People told me to forget you, but I was stupid enough to hold on. But I have learned that you can’t hold onto someone who doesn’t wish to stay.”

“I honestly cared for you more than myself. I forgot to love myself, and that’s where everything went wrong. Now, I will try to be happy no matter what.”

“I never thought you would leave me like this. But I hope you are happy wherever you are. Take care, and be happy.”

“Please live a happy life. You told me that you can’t be happy with me. And now that I let you go, you have to live a happy life. I will pray for your happiness.”

“I never thought who used to be my happiness would become my most painful memory.”

Heart Broken Emotional Messages For Boyfriend

Heart Broken Emotional Messages For Boyfriend

“You broke my heart into a million pieces. As I gather the broken remains of yesterday, I discover that breathing itself has become painful.”

“Every day I see you in my dream. I see you smiling, talking with me. It feels so real that sometimes I think you are still here. It’s not easy for me to forget you.”


“People say heartbreak is the most painful thing, it is right. The pain is unbearable. I am lying here helplessly, searching for a way to get over you.”

“You gave me hope with so many promises, and I was so naive to believe all these things. You broke my heart in such a way that I could never imagine.”

Sd Heartbroken Messages For Her

“My heart bleeds when I think I’d never be able to see or touch you. You’re so far away from me and here I’m completely lost without you.”

Heart Broken Sad Messages For Girlfriend

Heart Broken Sad Messages For Girlfriend

“Once upon a time, our relationship was perfect, but recently, things have changed for the worst. I wish you well and hope to cross paths again sometime. Goodbye!”

“Did you ever think what kind of hell you put me through when you cheated on me? My hurt is burning baby!”

“I stay up all night reminiscing all the memories as I stare at the ceiling, till my heart begins to hurt and I am unable to breathe.”

“I desired to live a life with you. But I think in this life, we weren’t meant to be with each other. If I lived again, I’d be your girl.”

“The agony was supposed to fade away with time, but every little thing makes me think of you and I can’t move on.”

Heart Broken Sayings For Boyfriend

Heart Broken Sayings For Boyfriend

“I’m sorry we didn’t always experience the happiness we both deserved, but you made me happy.”

“In our relationship, I tried my best with all my energy while you’ve always pushed me away. You’ve always been unfair to me.”

“I’ve never realized that survival can be so challenging without your presence.”

“I wish the word “sorry” could heal the invisible scars I’ve been left with. But sometimes, it deepens the scar.”


“I’m in a lot of pain, but I can’t seem to get the proper sedative to help. I had no idea that love could be so cruel.”

“When you are alone, look at the spaces between your fingers and remember that in those spaces. You can see my fingers locked with forever.”

“So I guess that I am the loser cause you have found someone new but I am still here, still all alone just crying over you.”

Heartbroken Messages Sayings For Boyfriend & Girlfriend

“Despite being so close to her, I always stayed away from her. Now I am relieved.”

Best Sad Messages For Girlfriend

Best Sad Messages For Girlfriend

  1. “I had heard that there is a medicine for every pain, but I had not thought that the medicine for heartbreak would be so bitter.”
  2. “I wish God had warned me earlier then I would not have come close to him. bad luck.”
  3. “I have a lot of complaints with you God, when you had to take him far away then why did you bring him near?”
  4. “Now I feel scared to come near him, he is far away and it hurts me.”
  5. “These distances are troubling me even without wanting to, now it seems difficult to live without him.”
  6. “I wish I could have such a scene and he would again go hand in hand to the sea shore and relive his old memories.”
  7. “I kept giving you everything of my share considering you as mine. And you alienated me in a moment.”
  8. “You have learned this skill of heartbreak very well, it seems to be a good experience.”
  9. “Everyone gets angry, but you broke my heart in anger.I hate you.”
  10. “Everyone has a right on everything created by God, but everything comes on time and it is your fault that you need everything ahead of time.”
  11. “I am away from you even if I don’t want to, I respect you, otherwise I take revenge with pride.”
  12. “We don’t want such a love story in which there is nothing but infidelity and deception.”

“Now I have only God’s support because the one whom I trusted more than myself has become unfaithful.”

Heart Broken Quotes Messages For Boyfriend

Heart Broken Quotes Messages For Boyfriend


You must have liked this collection of Heartbroken messages for Girlfriend and Boyfriend, it is a simple way of telling the story of two heartbreaks, it has the ability to tell the pain of a broken person.

This is what happens when two hearts separate from each other, i.e. a love story or a script that every human goes through.

If such a story has happened to you or someone you love you can also use it to reduce your pain or share it with your loved ones.

If you liked this article of ours, then share it with as many people as possible. and increase our guidance.

Thank you.

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