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How SBI PO and IBPS PO Job Posts Are Different From Each Other?


PO exams are one of the common ones when it comes to banking-related jobs. However, various banks keep introducing PO job vacancies, SBI and IBPS PO job posts have always been quite popular among the aspirants. Generally, candidates get confused about which job post would be worthy to apply for.

Here, we are going to emphasize the differences between these two job posts. Let us check out more about it. 

  • Selection Process Oriented difference Between SBI PO and IBPS PO  

If you are going to give the SBI PO exam then you would need to pass three phases indeed. First, you would be needed to pass the Preliminary Exam. Then you would have to go for the Mains Exam. To prepare for an exam, candidates must go through various SBI PO previous year’s papers.

Once they both are cleared, then you will be asked for the group exercise as well as an interview indeed.

Here, one more thing is required to understand that this exam is tricky in comparison to IBPS PO indeed. 

Talking about the IBPS PO selection, candidates have to go through the preliminary exam so that they could go for the mains exam. In the end, you will be called for the interview. IBPS is responsible to conduct the exam for a stipulated number of organizations. If you want to go with the easiest PO exam then IBPS is worthy to choose indeed. 

  • What About The Cut Off Marks Of Both PO Job Post

Have you been considering the cut-off mark for both types of job posts? Talking about SBI PO, there is no different cut-off for mains or prelims exam. To get good marks, you should prepare a timetable covering the entire SBI PO syllabus in an ideal manner. 

However, it is needed to mention that the candidate’s selection will be done based on entire cutoff marks. The next on the list is IBPS PO’s cut-off. Here, it needs to mention that both types of cutoff marks are followed here. It could be either sectional or overall based for both exams. 

  • What Would Be The Job Profile Of SBI PO Vs IBPS PO

The job profile of both PO posts is approximately similar indeed. Being a PO, you would get indulged in customer service. You will also be catering to different sorts of queries such as checkbooks, new account-oriented work, online banking, and so on. 

Moreover, the Probationary Office also believes in handling customers directly. They understand their job-related responsibilities so that the respective bank could have an ideal image at the forefront. They also keep introducing the best activities indeed. Moreover, PO will be responsible for doing different bank-oriented work such as maintaining reports, etc. 

  • What About The Salary Package Of SBI PO and IBPS PO

If you are going to attempt the SBI PO exam, you will truly be having an excellent compensation package indeed. Talking about the total compensation annually, it would be a minimum of INR 8.20 Lakh. And the maximum it could be is INR 13.08 Lakh. Apart from it, you will also be having different types of benefits along with your job. 

If you go ahead with the IBPS PO then you will be getting INR 23,700 on monthly basis. Yes, you will also be having other benefits along with your job post’s basic salary. Both salary packages are good to good indeed. 

  • What About Work Pressure and Environment Related Things To Your Job Post 

Yes, SBI is regarded as one of the largest as well as oldest banks in the country as it has almost 24K branches. It has been introducing around 50% of banking services once its merger is done. Therefore, the work pressure is quite high after a merger-related procedure. The next on the list is about the work pressure of IBPS PO.

Here, it needs to mention work pressure is generally less if you get to become a probationary officer in IBPS. If you want to be in the job profile where you have to face less work pressure then you may go ahead with the IBPS PO job post. 

In The Last:-

Whether you want to go for SBI PO or IBPS PO job, both are good in their respective ways. Now, it is time to choose the right, which goes with your skills and interests. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to say YES to the right job post so that you could have a bright career.


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