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Mountain Bike Parts: What are They and How to Choose The Best Ones?

Mountain Bike Parts

If you love riding bicycles, especially mountain biking, you must at least once wonder how to choose the right parts for the mountain bike. It may be the first time you try to assemble a bike yourself or when you want to upgrade a particular part of your bike.

This question is hard to answer because it depends on many factors. For example, which type of riding you are going for determines the way you choose any mountain bike parts.

The good news is that now you can easily access the hardware stores to purchase anything you want. This makes it much easier for all of us to build a mountain bike of our own.

However, to find the best mountain bike parts, you need to have some basic ideas of how to do it properly. That’s why Just Not Sports made a step-by-step buying guide to help you bestnetreview with this.

Step 1: Know the Power of Brands

The brand is the first point you need to be aware of. All mountain bike parts you find in a store come from some particular manufacturers.

A few brands are more well-known than others for their great mountain bike parts. This can be attributed to their high-standard manufacturing process.

What does it mean?

Well, just keep in mind a reputable brand on the part means a high price and usually well-made items.

Quality comes with its price, right?

Sometimes you can find a high-rated part at a quite affordable price. This may be the brand producing your bargain is a rookie in the industry and it hasn’t gained much reputation yet.

Also, some models are really good at offering the durability but not an eye-catching look. Thus, they are not set at too high prices. Those whose priority while looking for a mountain bike part is quality can benefit a lot from such models.

Step 2: Take a look at the models on catalogs

After picking up a mountain bike part brand, you should also learn about how to understand the models. Various combinations of numbers and letters mean different features the manufacturer wants to offer.

You may wonder:

“Are there too many models for me to choose?”

Well, fortunately, the manufacturers typically indicate two pieces of information through every model name.

The first one is the style that mountain bike part models are intended for such as downhill or country-cross. For instance, the series named Remedy is what Trek designs for the all-mountain style.

The second is the level aimed for a particular level from beginners to advanced riders. For example, a typical way to suggest the advanced level is the Pro label added at the end of a model name.

So, from now on, you just have to find those two points on the model names in order to decide whether that model fits you or not.

Step 3: Know what the parts of a mountain bike are

Each part of the mountain bike has a particular impact on how your bike performs. Also, the manufacturers offer various models to meet the different needs and preferences of riders.

Thus, you should have some basic ideas of what the mountain bike parts in need are and what they do in the bike. Here are the essential parts that you should know.


The frame is the backbone of the whole mountain bike and supports all other components. That’s why an ideal frame needs to be firm and durable.

The common materials used are light metals like titanium and aluminum. The frames are offered at various price ranges to fit your budgets.

Also, the manufacturers make different frame models to support your own riding preferences.


One of the most vital mountain bike parts is the suspension. Technically, this part can both enhance your performance and ensure your safety.

Basically, the suspensions available on the market consists of the front and the rear. They are also known as the fork and the shock, respectively.

The manufacturers usually deliberately set up the suspension to fit the major use of the bike.

What does it mean?

For Example, the weight of the suspension is heavier if the bike is intended for downhill roads. The opposite is true for those used for cross-country biking.


The wheels are also considered an important mountain bike part. A high-quality pair of wheels can allow you to perform better and feel more responsive to the vehicle.

Typically, a mountain bike has more solid and bigger wheels in comparison to those of a normal bike. This is because mountain bike riders have to face uneven surfaces and usually need to pull over suddenly or to perform the jumps.


The tire is, another important mountain bike part, put along the rims and filled with air. You can easily find a bunch of tires for a mountain bike which is set at all the price ranges to meet your budget. Check out the best mountain bike tires at

But, keep in mind that:

There are different types of tires to suit various riding styles. Thus, you need to know your style so that you can find the appropriate ones.


This mountain bike part is what allows you to control the riding. A good handlebar should be firm and durable. It should also give you the responsiveness while riding.

Don’t forget:

A standard handlebar is intended for cross-country and a wide one suits downhill ridings better.


This can be considered the most important mountain bike part in terms of keeping your life safe. You definitely cannot survive on a bike without the brakes while driving down a steep road, especially in downhill riding.

You can find two types of brakes on the market, namely the disc and the rim. The former is more expensive but more effective in unfavorable weather conditions like rain or snow.


Choosing a good mountain bike part without spending too much is difficult even for the advanced riders. (TechieRide.comNow you can access easily any stores and buy what you want but too many choices is never a good thing for making a decision.

Before buying anything, focus on the brands, the models, and the particular mountain bike part you are looking for. You need to make sure it is suitable for your needs, your riding taste, and your budget.

Just Not Sports hope my brief buying guide today can help you to make your purchase more correctly and economically.

If you like what Just Not Sports shared or want to talk about the bike, leave some words on the comment. Sarah Nguyen will respond to you as soon as I can.


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