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How To Find The Motivation To Study

Motivation To Study

We’ve all been there, stuck behind the desk thinking “hey this pile won’t disappear by itself”. But even though you know that the only way to get rid of it, is to actually complete it. The motivation to study can be difficult to achieve. Whether you’re in high school or studying for your Ph.D., studying never gets easy.

There are however a bunch of tips out there, for you to get through the pile of books (which can sometimes feel like a mountain). There are many of us out there- struggling the last semester of high school or writing our bachelor thesis. Especially during these times, where most studies are done online, the struggle to find motivation can be extra tough.

Here comes our shot on the most effective ways to motivate yourself!

Structure your tasks. 

It might sound cheesy, but it’s basic knowledge. What needs to be done? When will it be ready? Create your own deadlines etc. if you don’t have one already. A good tip is to set up a goal of submission, such as, “this Friday I should be done, so I can grab a couple of beers with my friends Saturday”.

Find tools that facilitate your everyday

So firstly, what are your studies about? Are you writing a thesis? Use Grammarly as a tool for language proficiency. Are you writing SEO material? Facilitate and improve your work with a rank tracker and get an accuranker free trial. Do you have a test next week on history? Well, head to the library!

Start the day early!

Sorry, night-owls but starting the day early might help improve your effectiveness. Brew a pot of coffee and spend your morning writing, reading, and drinking coffee until the rest of the household wakes up.

Balance is key

Find a balance between being strict about yourself and treating yourself. The point here is that you shouldn’t refuse parties & dinners to study but prioritize what is most important. There will come days when you have to have fun and drop the studies, likewise, there will be days when you’ll drop the fun. 

Don’t forget to unplug for a while!

Although you might feel that you’ll have to sit in front of your computer or a book all day, remember to unplug! Take a walk after a lecture or after you’ve read a chapter. Learning does not have to mean you’ll spend 24 hours a day digesting information.


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